Tuesday, 21 June 2016

New Exhibition

With the rain postponed until tomorrow when I wish to be out and about I walked to work in some degree of sunshine and warmth this morning.  Englishmen, being what they are, wore T-shirts and shorts and pretended they were in Marbella rather than Essex, but there again that is the Essex mentality, rather blank.  
I was somewhat surprised to note the Textile exhibit had ended, I forgot to check dates again, and soon afterwards the people arrived to set up the new Sci-Fi exhibition.  For the next few months we are being Star Wars, Aliens, Harry Potters, Superman, Batman and other such fantasy people, if indeed 'people' is the right word.
Super hero's aplenty will be seen wandering the museum, or at least standing against a wall hoping they do not fall down when some wee brat pulls at them.  There was a great deal of work to set up the exhibits and unfortunately I was busy in the shop clearing the mess left behind from Saturday and checking in large amounts of new items that arrived.  I so wished to help the men in the gallery.

The curators husband arrived at one point with some tools that were required for the workers.  he dumped them, chatted as you do and as he left we exchanged a few words regarding the exhibition.
In my innocent manner I indicated this would draw all the weirdo's who think they are Jedi into the museum.
"JEDI!" He exclaimed forcefully. Indicating the correct pronunciation.
It struck me I had struck a cord here.
This man was a 'Jedi.'
"We are in our forties and fifties you know," he stammered, "We have jobs and everything!"
He left offering me a glare.
Hmmm thought I, I touched a nerve there. 
His wife indicated he was not yet in his forties, he was into 'Jedi' and was not far from giggling at his response.  I suspect she will have taken this further when she got home.
He might use his Jedi self defence skills on me next time.

The fellow organising the exhibits told me there have been seven Star Wars films and there are ten more in the making!  The man who took the rights to Star Wars did himself a favour here.  How many millions has he made through these films, or at least the spin offs from them?  I myself have only seen one, the first one, and bits of the others.  Movies are not my thing, I get bored.  However I am now envious of the money he has made!  Just think, if I had his money I could afford to buy some of the Star Wars films merchandise!

Good night Jedi everywhere.


carol in cairns said...

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.
May the force be with you .. As the kiddies descend on this exhibition.
It sounds like there has been a change in direction at your museum deciding on such a contemporary exhibition with no links to your local area. Hmmm?

Adullamite said...

Carol, Money! This brings people in. Unless we do an outrageous history show the folks don't come in hordes. Normal now for museums to mix it...

Kay G. said...

The man taking offense at the way you said Jedi reminds me of gene Roddenberry being scolded when he said trekees and he was told that the crazed fans considered themselves TRECKERS! Ahhh!!!! Beam me up, Scottie!

Lee said...

I've never gotten into "Star Wars" or "Star Trek"....so I guess the Force isn't with me...oh, well...

Adullamite said...

Kay, The TRECKER is not talking to me these days...

Lee, I will be sick of them soon.