Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Ne'er Cast a Clout till May is Out or Something

Today, as you can tell by my window, is the last day of May.  In less than a months time we reach the middle of the year, the longest day!  Fooled by two or three days when the sun shone and the temperature rose we thought Summer was 'a cummin in,' it hasn't!
Worse still is the photo that arrived this morning from my nieces husband playing around on Lock Fynne up near Fort William in the highlands.  The sun was shining at eight in the morning, the sky blue, the Loch calm.  It makes you sick, it's no fair!
Naturally as the wind, heading towards 40 miles an hour as it threw the heavy downpour at my window, paid no heed to the fact that I had to saunter down the road to the museum in the middle of it.  I was fair drookit when I got there!  Good job I am not the complaining type.

Yet another bunch of Yanks coming on Saturday.  These guys are studying the war and the effect of the airfields on the people living in the area.  We have some stuff lined up for them but as always I have not been given much info on what is actually happening.  Still I expect it will be a good day.
Thousands of these men came here and many left their children behind.  Just as many flew away to the east and were never heard off again!  Ridgewell Museum is based on what is left of the airfield there.  B 17's flew from there for two years constantly. Wethersfield on the other hand was in use until recently. 


Lady Di Tn said...

Mr. A
I loved the trip you took us along to Halstead. St. Andrews is a real work of art and I enlarged the photos to study all the beauty. The stain glass window is divine. My mind is going several hundred miles an hour trying to think what could be done with the Holy Trinity Church. If nothing else it could be used as a Wedding Chapel and bring lots of folks into the area. I have always loved Gargoyles and would be happy with several to take the rain water away from the hill. I would love to be one of the Yanks at the museum to see the movie and visit around the area. Peace be with you.

the fly in the web said...

Not to worry...here comes Flaming June!

Lee said...

I, too, am glad you're not the complaining kind, Mr. Ad-Man!

Rain has been predicted to occur here on Saturday with a few showers today and tomorrow in the lead-up to Saturday. And I'm looking forward to the precipitation arriving...I hope it arrives soon. But then, I don't have to go out in it - I've nothing pressing that I must go out to do.

Saturday, for you, (and for those visiting) sounds like it will be a very interesting day.

Kay G. said...

I think that there were a great many who were grateful for the Yanks.
My Dad's brother was one of those Yanks, he spent two years in England as an MP. (He said none under HIS watch misbehaved!) (My Dad's other brother was in Patton's Army and after the war, was never the same.)

Adullamite said...

Lady, The church will find a use one day. It is well looked after.

Fly, Yes indeed, although I can see nothing because of the cloud cover...

Lee, June and no change.

Kay, Few who went to war were ever the same.

Jenny Woolf said...

That is a fantastic picture at the top. It sums up what rain in May is like.

carol in cairns said...

Green rain .. How unusual. Great pic.

Reading through your news for the last few weeks, I see you have had Summer? 23 degrees would have been very pleasant.
We too have had a few days if Winter, temperatures getting down to 14 degrees overnight, but warming up soon enough.
Still a few weeks until our glorious Winter days arrive.

You also seem busy at the Museum with various exhibits/entertainment.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Indeed!

Carol, Green rain is something we get used to here.
The weather has been hot but now I am back on my bike it will rain. Tsk!