Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Long Day

It's been a long day.
The morning would have been enough.  Having trailed round Camolodunum yesterday I just wished to sleep this morning.  As I arrived I felt I had not the energy to continue so nipped over to Tesco for an early lunch which, being me, I forgot to eat until lunchtime.  I brought in my laptop, in spite of having to fight a 'downloader trojan' that appeared yesterday.  The brute slowed everything down and I had r run a boot scan to remove it.  The thing lay in the Windows Live email system and was 'recovered' from there.  How long it lay I know not but it has gone now.  
So as I hoped nothing would happen I began to work my way through the research (if that's what it's called) on the ship 'Lyon.'  As always whenever I turned to it someone came in.  Really it is very difficult to get things done when people keep coming in to the museum!  It crossed my mind to lock the door but then some smart person will complain.  In fact the first man was at the door asking for the curator boss before I unlocked the door this morning two minutes late as always.  He wished to find pictures of WW2 bomb damage and even had the audacity to consider what I told him was wrong!  Really, just because he was there does not mean he is right!  Pictures later proved I was. (Enter smug grin here)
People browsing the shop, others again for the curator offering items they wished to donate, always an interesting time and some who wished to visit the museum and look around.  This was not helping me scribble and or was I being supplied with tea as I ought.  The service was better in the past.  
Anyway One young chap lumbered by the curator with a job he enjoyed spiffingly (I think that's what he said) tried to get me to swap at one point.  My heart does not enjoy such moments as the job was awkward, so I left it with him.  I rewrote several sentences, paragraphs from what I wrote on Tuesday. There I could only write a little because people kept coming in and today I was struggling to rewrite this in readable English because people kept coming in!

I was given the opportunity to leave the ball and chain that the curator uses to keep me at the desk and made myself tea.  Then I was forced to eat my stale egg mayonnaise sandwich and keep watch still unable to scrawl as folks still came in.  At least I made a sale - two cards!
Today was a long day as the 'Friends of the Museum' had a bus run into London for a special tour of St Paul's cathedral, naturally all the old girls went along and the young ones, like me, stayed behind to cover.  I indicated my desire to go but the impossibility of me walking out and leaving the place bereft, the old dears cared not and went.  
A bus to the door, a guided tour and an hour or two knocking back white wine in a local hostelry (chosen for the historical relevance I bet) or sitting by Old Father Thames while I chewed my white bread tasteless lunch probably made them all very happy indeed.  The weather was good enough also.  Typical!
The Curator, Claire, the best and hardest worker in the place, allowed me tea later, by then I was already half asleep as I could not write without forgetting what I wrote and then fund her attempting to read my scribbles as she came round to tighten the ball and chain.  As if!  Read my writing when she was mentioned?  No privacy in here.  I will probably sleep all day tomorrow after this.  I hope those women who left me in the lurch feel guilty!


the fly in the web said...

Guilt? Women?

carol in cairns said...

Who mops their table tops???

Adullamite said...

Fly, You sum it up well...

Carol, Young men, is this wrong...?