Thursday, 5 May 2016

Another Election

London decides which lying, worthless, no good becomes the new mayor, replacing the lying, worthless, Boris Johnson a man now intent or removing the lying, worthless David Cameron as Prime minister.
We however have nothing so exciting as we like much of the country get to choose the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC).  The what?  Yes we don't really know either.  This new post was introduced a while ago by the economic stupidity of the Conservative Party in an effort to save money and improve the Police.  Quite how they worked that one out I know not but I suspect it was merely pandering to tax dodging Tory voters who somehow considered this would save them money.  It didn't.  
On top of the expense we find several such commissioners have had their hand in the till and one or two have been found wanting in other areas also.  This is worrying as they control the police budget and possibly explains where all the cash is going.  These people have strong powers but who can tell if any of them are either strong enough or used properly.  These kind of things are kept from the man in the street in case he realises what is going on!
Anyway we had five worthless candidates looking for a payout today, one from four of the English parties and one independent.  The UKIP man has already been caught out claiming he was once a Labour Party minister, which he was not, and the Independent chap implied cunningly on his spiel that he was an ex-police chief, which he was not, and the others, Conservative, Labour & Lib-Dem just spew out the usual party line indicating how worthless they are as individuals and how tied to the party line they remain.  No independent thought to be found there.
Elections are ongoing in Scotland for the Parliament there, Wales also and Northern Ireland.  In England local councils in 120 places occur as well as the PCCs being chosen by a handful of enthusiasts like me.  Yippee!
I voted after being asked by the girl what my name was even though I had given her the polling card with my name on it.  As the vote is held in the museum hall our boss was in charge and pointed out she has to ask, quite why I know not but maybe some folks don't know who they are?  I asked the girl where on the form was the Scottish Nationalist to be found but she failed to comprehend, the boss just forced me into the voting booth instead.  I placed my cross, added the second on the second row for the second choice who will not win either, and made my weary way through the museum and began work.
I made tea.

The sun is out and ignoring the chill in the wind people are running around dressed for summertime.  This I can tell you is heartwarming as in this part of our island the warm air from the Sahara Desert has at last made its way to us.  Naturally it is not quite so good further north and naturally while people here sit around in the sheltered spots of the park I had been trapped indoors at the museum.  Not that I am one to complain about this of course, that is not my style in spite of it all.  No not me I just got on with it with no murmuring.  
Nothing happened.

Oh yes, did you notice that the USA may soon have that nice Mr Trump as President?
Now tell me you think the world is not nearing the end?


carol in cairns said...

The end is indeed nigh .. Or is that neigh 🐎

Lee said...

Different day, same old cow dung.

I'd rather look at the beautiful blossoms.

the fly in the web said...

Beautiful photographs!
Well,so much for the Labour Party meltdown....the Blairites will have to think of something else to dislodge Corbyn...

Adullamite said...

Carol, No neigh but nigh and the leftovers from the election make it more murky.

Lee, I will seek more blossom for you.

Fly, Everyone claims a victory in spite of the results!