Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Kirk has Died

Having travelled across much of the Roman Empire establishing churches in many parts the apostle Paul made his way back to Jerusalem via Ephesus a  once important port situated on the western edge of what we now call Turkey.  He did not enter the town but met with the leaders of the church there in Miletus instead as time was short and the weather dictated travel by sea.
His point was straight forward, he made clear he believed he was nearing his end and therefore left them his final message.  One point was of great importance and reflected his understanding of human nature and how churches operate.  He made clear that 'savage wolves' would come among them, some even from the leaders own number, drawing 'disciples after themselves.'  He warned them to commit themselves to God and the 'word of his grace' to protect themselves from deviation from the truth they knew.
Some years later the apostle John, then resident in Ephesus, entered the public baths with several friends, on hearing that a renowned false teacher was already settled within he ran out shouting 'Watch out, the roof may fall on our heads.'  How serious or sarcastic his comment was is unclear but it reveals how such 'savage wolves' had taken root in a church as large as the one at Ephesus. 

Today I read of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland a place where seven hundred or so elders and ministers gather to debate major points of theology or public interest.  Sad to say that while several spoke out in favour of Jesus Christ and his good news it was clear the Kirk has departed finally from any trust in the 'Word of his grace,' and has followed the way of the world and allowed the false teachers who have since my time in the church above like leaven brought corruption to the body.
The debate ended sharply with many not voting and it has been decided that ministers in same sex marriage will be allowed to continue as ministers yet the church will not allow same sex weddings in the Kirk!  No doubt that will end within a year or so also.
The hypocrisy of the position is clear, the deliberate ignoring of scripture even clearer!
No longer can the Kirk claim any basis whatsoever for its existence bar following the fashion of the day, pretending this is 'Love,' and pushing Jesus the Living God to the background.  

Now it is time for those who know their God to stand up and be counted, it is not possible to continue within such an organisation, even if the local Kirk is indeed one that knows its God, the church must leave and start afresh within a denomination or by itself and follow Jesus his way, not theirs.  I say this knowing that I have been attending an Anglican church while Anglicans are in the forefront of such a heretical position and many there shudder at what happens elsewhere.  It is time for evangelical Anglicans to leave also.
The time is short and getting shorter daily.  The love of God shown in his death for us on the cross leads to repentance and forgiveness, faith following from this and seen by changed behaviour.  That cannot be seen in many churches today and the Kirk is leading the way in ignoring repentance and obedience to follow the worlds path, disaster only can follow.   

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