Monday, 2 May 2016

Holiday Monday

Being Bank Holiday Monday the weather was cloudy and a wee bit chill hung in the air so I remained indoors bar a morning wander to Tesco for bread.  As the football season comes to a close this day is used to play some important fixtures and I happened to be indoors long enough to see something of this theatre.  I began by watching Fleetwood attempt vainly to win a 'must win' game at Walsall.  This the failed very well.  As I watched I worked on ironing all those shirts that have been lying around for a while stopping only to eat and then put smelly fluid down the bath plughole to ensure it works correctly.  The joy of life!  
As I moved onto the next pile Brighton and Derby were kicking lumps out of one another for my delight.  The result was interesting for both of them but the strange town of Brighton (London by the Sea depending on what you are looking for) must now beat Middlesborough to progress to the higher division.  Unfortunately Middlesborough have to beat Brighton to do the same thing.  That might be a game worth watching next week.
As I bundled the shirts tidily into the cupboard I began to watch Burnley successfully make promotion a reality as they beat QPR 1-0.  The hot iron was stashed away, the table dumped back into the dusty corner (I must fix that hoover) and suddenly the football was finished.  What to do?
Worry not, Dundee tonight send their local rivals Dundee United down into the lower division so I will soon wander off to watch this game.
Four games in a row, ironing done, bath kind of cleaned, dinner made and would you believe it the rain is hammering down!  Oh yes and my cold has returned, I love my life!



Lee said...

There is definitely something lacking in your diet, Mr. Ad-Man!!! Are you eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables? Use lots of garlic, too when cooking. And if need be, boost your intake of cold-fighting vitamins by taking horseradish-garlic tablets. I don't take any vitamin supplements, preferring the fresh foods, but you might need to do a course of vitamins just to knock this in the bud, once and for all.

I love that little video clip. Great cat! :)

the fly in the web said...

And you didn't burn the dinner!

Adullamite said...

Lee, I'm bursting with veg these days.
But prayer has remved the latest sniffling.

Fly, The cat would not let me near the oven!