Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday Scrawl

Coming home from the Kirk this morning the weather was almost warm so I deviated via the parks.  Here I came across the lads slugging it out each one fancying himself as a star of the future and revealing a body health that shows he is more a hospital patient than star of the future.  I even kicked the ball when it ran out of play and with my left foot I returned it to the ungrateful player.  This ball surprised me as it was so light!  When we played the ball always seemed heavy, and the legal weight is one pound, but this was as light as the cheap plastic balls we used ti use long ago.  The real ball was a brown leather brute that whatever weight it had increased as the game wore on when it gathered water which soaked deep inside and allowed players to rest for many minutes when it crashed of their nut, as I can vouch!
People wandered abroad dressed for summer knowing it was not yet upon us as we are desperate to find one.  Blue flowers filled many areas of parkland, yellow things shone among the grasses and a few beasties roamed the earth seeking whom they could devour.  Somewhat quieter as being a Monday holiday some folks managed to get away.  High above silver darts flew towards stronger sunshine in the Med while the poor amongst us (that's me) glanced enviously upwards.  As I look up now I see clouds forming and the weatherman tells me with a smile it will be wet tomorrow as it's a bank holiday.  Cheers pal, I was seriously considering making the bike work but that will not occur now.

Yesterday also as I returned from shopping for my feathered friends the sun shone brightly and lulled us into a false belief that it can always be this way.  Some hope!  However as both then and today I spent watching football, it is the weekend when many things are decided, I saw little of this bright yellow orb in the sky.  I doubt it noticed.  
Being the first of May this brings out the eejits as this holiday in the UK is now somewhat politically inspired.  The May Day event itself probably goes back to Roman times but in 'England it was seen as a day off for the weary farm workers (I canny spell agricultural labourers) as the ploughing and seeding had been done and everyone gathered round the maypole for dancing, drinking and producing children, sometimes with your wife.  No wonder Cromwell banned it!  The Labour government however introduced the May Day Holiday to coincide with left leaning celebrations worldwide and naturally the grubby Tories have been trying t change it ever since.  In 2011 they wanted to drop it and replace it with a United Kingdom Day in October but got nowhere with that.  Possibly they forgot about it while plotting to put their cash in foreign banks offshore trusts?  Anyway one thing is certain the weather will be bad, it always is.


the fly in the web said...

You could be right about the weather in the U.k.; when I rang mother this morning she informed me that the sun was shining brightly, but only in order to tempt people to go out and catch pneumonia in the biting wind.

Lee said...

And those guys are dumb enough to fall for the charms! Silly old goats!

Lady Di Tn said...

There are certain cars driven around Nashville that we call "Trophy wife cars" I guess it could be applied to boats. It was very hot and humid on our May day and then we had thunder storms which cooled us off 12 degrees in a few minutes. Now we are having one of the little winters that the south is famous for and this one we call "Blackberry winter" as the berries are blooming. Maybe this will be the last one for this Spring. Have a wonder week. Peace

Adullamite said...

Fly, She needs to be in Spain at this time.

Lee, I agree, but maybe change my mind when the lottery comes up.

Lady, Soon be summer.