Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The UK Citizenship Test

The UK Citizenship Test

I came across this today, twenty four questions on UK citizenship. You are given 45 minutes to complete the practice questions (found on the link under the picture of the book) and if you pass the official test you may well become a citizen of the United Kingdom.

I got 13 out of 24 correct and failed!

What is even more worrying is that others who have attempted these questions, and what questions they are, have also failed. In fact not one British citizen has actually passed the test! Who set these questions? Nick Griffin the leader of the British National Party perchance? While some of them make sense we are asked things that most folk will not understand unless they are either involved in that line or just a know-all, and this result proves some folks opinion of me wrong there then! Ridiculous questions and I could think of more relevant ones if asked.

Take the practice test and see if you can become a citizen of the United Kingdom. I fear none will pass!


Strawberry Girl said...

Gee, it would be interesting to see what I should know about the UK but don't...

Sam had to take the citizenship test over here, and yes I too was proven to be blissfully ignorant of a lot of important facts about America like "How many Supreme Court Justices are there?" and "What was the 49th state added to our Union?" Actually, most of the questions can be figured out intuitively, Sam did alright they asked easy questions on his test.

Now I am curious... I've gotta click on that link! ;D

Martyn said...

I have just packed my suitcase as I fear a knock on the front door from the Home Office is soon to sound. 9 out of 24 could mean me being sent to some faraway banana republic, I hope so.

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