Saturday, 22 August 2009

Nothing to Say

Another boring Saturday night. Nothing to say and nothing in my mind. The football was poor today, the baddies won and we don't play till tomorrow when the Rangers ref cheats us. I had no need to rummage through the shops as I had no needs and no money to meet them. TV is rotten, and the radio is not much better. There is no-one around, and my cooking today was rubbish! My knees ache after the short cycle today, the muscles are stiff, and, for reasons I will not go into, I am now scared stiff of spider bites! Now I find I can't get help from the 'Thai Massage and Takeaway Curry House' as some interfering immigration officials, with the help of several large police officers have deported them back home! I also had several very unlikely jobs to write pleading letters to, but just could not be bothered! I an spend a good while writing lies the details of my experience, I send it by post or e-mail, and get no reply! Some overpaid office wallah glances at this epistle and presses the 'delete' button and my life is in the bin. Probably beside a hundred or so others these days. Gone are the days when I could be bothered with all this. I just don't see the point just now. I have little to offer, the type of work I have done is out of reach now, and age is against me, as indeed being male these days! I confess that in the past I have yearned to be in work, but not know. Forty years of work have left me tired of the 'office politics,' daft bosses (just how do some companies survive I ask?) and a tiredness I just can't shake off leave me drained. I look for something exciting and worthwhile, but it hides in the bushes, and the bushes around here I am not going to search I can tell you! Even the newly acquired driving licence is not helping!

However as I wandered around town ogling the girls checking out the market as it closed, I noticed the sky. How marvellous is it? Lots of blue, and high above long streaky clouds, (I would give the correct meteorological name, but I don't want to exhaust you) and huge puffy ones. Several different types, not counting the muck spewed out of aircraft heading to and from Stansted Airport. (I'm tempted to say 'You cannot be cirrus, but I won't) In spite of huge rain clouds hovering over the majority of the UK, down here we have been enjoying balmy times. The wind has an edge today but it keeps the large clouds passing by and the air is warm, just how I like it! Although the nights are in fact drawing in, and Scotland benefits here as the skies there are better than down south, it is still bright blue outside. I'm tempted to wander outside and look for dropped coins once again!

Now as you know I am not one to complain, as you must know by now, but having the desire to post, and having nothing to write about can be wearying, as I'm sure you realise. However I am annoyed that i know nobody! You see, a form has arrived from the bank, concerning my mothers money. Simple enough except that we need to sign it. That too is simple, I can do joined up writing now. However it also requires a witness to sign claiming they have seen you sign this form. This week I have had no contact with anyone here! I have met several out there in the world, but not one here who could sign this form! Is that not just typical? It is a confederation of spite against me I tell you. 'They' have it in for me, in similar manner to the way the SFA/SPL/Glasgow Mafia have it in for the Heart of Midlothian, which will clearly be seen tomorrow during the game! Only today I went for the dinner I had placed in the fridge last night to discover it was in fact still in the freezer! Not for the first time this has happened. The other day I was up town and noticed my phone, which I never use, was not in my pocket, where it always is. 'They' had done it again, proof indeed that clearly 'they' are out to get me!

I must close now as I suspect 'they' will be rewriting this as gobbledegook the finish I brethren minute cobber, you watch!


Unknown said...

I must admit (begrudgedly) that I owe you a bit of thanks. For I have never really understood just what gobbledegook was until I read, ...the finish I brethren minute cobbler... Did one of the lovely lasses you like to ogle waddle by about then?

Martyn said...

Nothing to time you are in Glasgow why don't you strip buck naked, don a pair of blue fluffy ear muffs and get yourself down to Gallowgate. Burst into Bairds Bar singing 'Blue is the colour, football is our game.' When months later you can speak again you will have plenty to say. Just an idea.

1st Lady said...

Aaah spiders, gotta love em.

And driving license? Well done! I must have missed your post mentioning that you passed the test.. this explains why drivers in your area have all been seen wearing crash helmets these days!

Mike Smith said...

"The football was poor today, the baddies won and we don't play till tomorrow when the Rangers ref cheats us..."

Spot on again auld fella!

Adullamite said...

Fishy you are so kind.

Martyn I would never again visit a Glasgow pub without a police escort!

1st Lady the drivers are safe - I've no car!

Mike, spot on indeed!