Sunday, 23 August 2009

Now I'm not one to complain

However last night I did say, "'They' have it in for me, in similar manner to the way the SFA/SPL/Glasgow Mafia have it in for the Heart of Midlothian, which will clearly be seen tomorrow during the game!" And lo it has come to pass!
While it is clear we failed miserably to dominate when the Rangers were rightly reduced to ten men after Thomson's thuggish foul on Black, we ended up losing because of a penalty that never was - again! Once more Rangers side in need of points gets the penalty they require, thank to a Glasgow official! How many more times I ask?
However that really is not the reason we lost. We were well on top after the sending off, well on top after the goal, lucky though it was, and we stopped! Instead of keeping up the pressure and pace we backtracked, ponced about with the ball at the back rather than going forward. I realise Rangers fell back in to deep defence but surely we should have been more positive than this? They realised this failing of ours an Smith amended his side accordingly. They equalised then won in the dying minutes with a hand from the ref. I await his apology!

Any good points? Yes indeed. The team was up for the challenge, they took the game at first by the scruff of the neck and deservedly led, it should have been more! Also Jose Gonzalves played very well indeed and at all times looked as if he wanted to go forward. Great display from him, even allowing for his 'bomb scare' approach in the box sometimes! One thing is for sure, we need three experienced players there. Right back, striker, and midfielder. Vlad will not pay, and we could end up losing Casba! It's a disgrace!

As the sun was shining brightly here I decided to take advantage after the game and go out for the second time. I struggled along a different path, one full of slight slopes and big (to me) hills. On one of them I was overtaken by a fat lass on a bike going so fast I thought I had stopped so I got off, and found myself splattered all over the hillside! She didn't stop to help!
I made it to a country path used only by brats going to school and the occasional dog walker. It is years since I first found this, and about ten years since I have trolled along there. It has not improved. On the left is the by pass but on the right we find fields, recently harvested and one newly ploughed already. Real country vista with trees in the distance, round bales of hay and nothing moving but flying beasties and aircraft high above. If you look closely you will see that without the planes the sky would be almost cloudless. The muck thrown out by the jet engines fills the sky with trails. Later I crossed the park opposite and counted at least twenty six trails in the sky. No wonder the planet is polluted!

Tonight I attempted a pic of 'The Swan,' a pub that has stood there since 1560. Quite why it is called 'The Swan,' I do not know as there are no swans for miles! Not even in 1560 would a swan have waddled up the street, unless it was the sign of some right man of the town in that period. It could be of course they sold swans here around that time, but what do I know?

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