Thursday, 6 December 2018

Wasting Time.

Just an old picture to try and remember what life was like before the rain began to fall.  Gray skies and wet roads all around.  I also forgot to write something here as I was busy doing nothing all day.  It has to be said I did it well and avoided the crowded shops and dreich weather.  Of course I did nothing anywhere bar write a couple of emails, they have waited a while for a reply.  Tonight I was going to post something wonderful but got into a twitter argument I was losing so I came away and found last night match was on the iplayer, that now fills my life, well for another 45 minutes at least.
In spite of the BBC stupid idea of fiddling with the iplayer I can still find most things I want there, but they have not improved the thing in any way.  Why change what works and at great expense (£10  million) wasting time and money when it is not required, that is Theresa May's job.
I did spend time however watching this today, I find these fascinating.


Dave said...

Yes , I'm getting fed up with the heavy rains and having to stay inside. I've just looked at the forecast and there's less rain next week and even a couple of clear days......lets hope they're right.

Adullamite said...

Dave, Will Brexit stop the rain and send it to Spain perhaps?