Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Museum Day

The plants in the museum garden were white with frost when I arrived at 9:30ish this morning and these sit in a sun trap.  I was glad the museums new heating system was working, it is now so hot even the women don't complain of the cold!  In fact one said it was too hot!  That makes a change. It was busy as browsers browsed and some even spent money.  It was a good day on the whole even though the 'Classic FM Christmas music I provided (50p in charity shop) was too highbrow even for me.  I listened to one tune attempting to know what it was and had to resort to the disc cover, this unknowable music was 'Away in a Manger!'  I changed it for something more appropriate.
I then was offered a job for a stranger finding info on V1 and V2 rockets by a man with a strange reason for his quest.  This I started today and then found Googlemail wanted my password, this is fine except I did not have it as it has changed!  So all I collected to send home for further views is still lying there and I will have to start again tomorrow.  Bah!

I did find this today.  It came from the old high school building and I was playing about with the names from there wondering what happened to the original memorial when I walked into it standing up in the museum lobby!  No-one had mentioned the things existence yet it appears it has been here for years.  Typical!  Unfortunately with a delightful small school in I could not get into the hall to set up so had to 'make do and mend' as it were.  The good news is the WW2 memorial, much lighter and strangely with more names upon it, was also in store.  I really must wander around in there one day but this is impossible with it being locked usually and the curator watching me with her beady eye.  She is scared I might find something....

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