Friday, 14 December 2018

Freezing Friday

This freezing Friday was cheered somewhat when the EU spokesman made use of the word 'Nebulous' to annoy Theresa.  She appeared irked, and made a public show of this in a vain attempt to get some publicity, and attempted to handbag the poor man.  Speaking the truth does not go down well with politicians.   It is clear however that either deliberately or not Theresa faces a vote in the House that will end her Brexit policy, this could lead to changes, a No Deal or a Referendum, some say, and fun and games continuing into January and on.
Like most I only read the headlines and the important bits of those now.  Surely with Rees-Mogg and his minority right wing group silenced for now it is time to remove their left-overs and call a second referendum and end this farce once and for all.
So cold today I went out to the shops late afternoon just to avoid putting the heating on.  This also would avoid me wandering about tomorrow with the rain threatening.  Naturally now I am home I find I forgot chips!  No chips and I will die!  Back to Sainsburys in the morning...
I hope all is well with you in the real world.


Dave said...

I would prefer a second referendum, even if it just to ask do we stay or do we leave under the present terms. I have never known such back biting going on as there is in this government. Rees Mog is not of this world.

Adullamite said...

Dave, I think a 2nd ref is now likely. Rees-Mogg may not like it when he loses.