Friday, 21 December 2018

Friday Fussing

The idea that the drone flying above Gatwick was a government sponsored scam to take peoples minds of the House closing down for Christmas while the Brexit disaster looms above keeps coming to mind.  The 'eco-warrior' the police claim they are looking for may well be a member of her majesties forces following orders, or is it just me?  I am tempted to think that if this drone was a nuisance it would be easy enough to bring in an army 'Apache' helicopter, many of them pass over us here, and I am convinced these guys would quickly and efficiently dispose of the bad by, this was not done you will note.  If it is ISIS or one of their followers you would expect it to drop bombs and they to make a claim of some sort by now, they have not done this.  It could indeed be a middle class 'eco-warrior' playing games and thinking himself clever no matter how distraught those who lose vast sums of money or miss out on Christmas trips abroad suffer.  Protest that causes such problems is not to aid the people it is merely to make a name for the drone pilot.  I wonder if hanging him upside down from lampposts is legal...?

It looks a lot like sausages for Xmas dinner this year.  I went to the proper butcher in town and obtain £15 worth and am about to put some in the freezer.  The idea is that these expensive sausages will contain meat, taste hopefully added to them also.  On Monday I will visit the shops again for the last bits.  I mean we have one day where all shops close and if I don't stock up I will starve like so many other people appear to be afraid of doing at the moment.  Maybe I ought to buy yet another dozen bottles of beer just in case I have a visitor...

While looking at this tree through tired eyes I could see a face in there, can you?
I am wondering whether to send it to the 'Daily Mail' and see if the new editor will print this?  He has been trying to take his readers minds of his support for remain' by filling the paper with royal or celeb clickbait, the girls and Beckham appearing to be among his favourites, or he thinks his readerships favourites.  It seems to be working.  The fascist fraternity are gnashing their teeth at him while threatening all and sundry, the royal followers are revealing their dark hearts and in many a sad longing for a dead princess which calls them to hate people whom they do not know of whom some are jealous and others just inadequate.  It's all very depressing really. 

The shortest day is upon us.  Spring will be around the corner from tomorrow, weather permitting.  The nights will get shorter, the sun be seen more often and life will be brighter for us all, hopefully.


the fly in the web said...

And what are you giving the mouse for Christmas?

Adullamite said...

Fly, A chance to fly out the window if he returns!