Sunday, 11 September 2016


Having cycled speedily to church this morning I sat there for the next hour nursing my knees, lovingly no-one offered to nurse them for me.  This exercise idea is all right I suppose but there are problems.  However we had an excellent morning and I only kind of fell out with one person today so things are improving...  I cycled back the long way round enjoying the sun while it lasts and then I spent the rest of the day watching football and nursing my knees. 
Tonight however as twilight fell I got the rusty bike out and pedalled slowly, oh so slowly, half way up the old railway to seek a photo.  They are not quite how the sky actually was at the time but give the general idea.  The top one is my favourite, that s close to reality.

The sky is always worth looking at whatever time of day or whatever season we are in.  Looking one way gives a different sky from looking in the opposite direction, the colours vary with the slight movement of the sun.  Of course at dusk things do get darker which explains why the supper chasing blackbirds almost had my front wheel upon them.  

In the cool of the day everything is changed.  Being Sunday few are about, kids at home doing the forgotten homework, people preparing for work, rubbish TV being endured.  This means the streets are very quiet, so quiet in the distance the rumble of the bypass can be clearly heard as movement continues elsewhere out of town.  In town few move, some laughter from the pubs open doors is heard, an occasional clink of glass, a barking dog in the distance enjoying freedom in the park, a huddle of youth carrying their secrets guiltily pass by scowling at one and all, lights can be seen in the local church for evening service, a bus containing one passenger slowly fulfills its duty passing in the opposite direction from a lone cyclist worrying about how his knees will feel in the morning.
The quiet cool of the day, possibly equal to the early Spring morning in beauty. 


Lee said...

And now the lovely old song by The Platters - "Twilight Time" is playing in my mind!

I hope the week ahead treats you kindly, Adullamite. :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Before my time....