Thursday, 29 September 2016

Where are you Clem?

I've been reading Tristram Hunt's review of a book 'Citizen Clem' about Clement Attlee the great post war prime Minister, .  What a difference between his understanding of life and that of the man we have suffered these past few years.  Clem Attlee came from a prosperous background, discovered the poverty and generosity among London's East End and became a 'socialist,' though not of a Marxist kind.  His socialism was my kind of socialism, not ideological but based on need and sharing the wealth where need existed.  An idea rarely found in politics today.

“Instead of the exploitation of the mass of the people in the interests of a small rich class,” he was declaring by 1922, “I demand the organisation of the country in the interests of all as a co-operative commonwealth in which land and capital will be owned by the nation and used for the benefit of the country.”

Clem was to continue this opinion for the rest of his life.
The failure in the Labour Party enabled him to rise to the party leadership in 1935, continual infighting and the second world war meant he remained leader for over twenty years!  The war changed everything and the Labour Party and the nation as a whole intended to ensure rapid social change missed in 1918 would not be missed in 1945.
Attlee's intention was clear:-  

“by directing the energies of the nation into the production of necessities for life, and not merely into the production of luxuries or necessities for profit. As the nation was organised for war and death, so it can be organised for peace and life.”

“Fundamental things—central banking, transport, fuel and power—must be taken over by the nation as a basis on which the rest of the re-organisation of the country would depend.”

Such ideas are excellent ideas and would be the way the nation was structured today had I been King. Nothing wrong with private profit, nothing wrong with enterprise and hard work, all these things the 1945 government encouraged, what is wrong is the privatisation of such things for personal profit at the nations expense.
Gas, electric, water, bus and rail, hospitals and post deliveries all should be run under central organisation.  The service element should come before profit.  This way economy can thrive while people can feel secure.  Provision may be paid for but only with profits returning to the people not individuals and large monolithic companies, usually overseas.  People first then profit.  Such policies worked during the 50's and only incompetence and greed got in the way.  Human failings always disturb peaceful co-existence. 

There is no chance in our right wing greed led governments today for anything caring or service element to thrive today.  Money speaks at all levels and caring for others has gone for ever.  We need Clem Attlee more than we realise today.


the fly in the web said...

Yes, bring back Attlee...though I expect that the PLP would be plotting against him ...and Murdoch....and whichever crook is currently head of the EU...not to speak of Goldman Sachs...

Jenny Woolf said...

I am more than disgusted by Fox and JOhnson, I'd better not say what I think here in such polite society. And I still think that Cameron hasn't had enough of a firework put under him. He's just ambled off and now I think he's going to go to America.

Lady Di Tn said...

Well someone has to read the "heavy" stuff. Go for it Mr. A. As usual I read the last three post with avid interest and enjoyment. Now the questions are What is a zimmer bus and a container lorry?
Forgive me but we on this side of the pond will be Blessed or Cursed with one of the two outstanding people running for our highest office. OOPSIE my nose is beginning to grow with the use of such adjectives. As I told Prince after the debates which was a HUGE waste of our time that "I wished the election would be held tomorrow so it would be over with."
Either one will do nothing nothing nothing for the common man. Too bad the rules are not the same as an American Football game and we could throw the member out who created the big foul. However, we treat them like they have lost their helmets and let them sit out one play and are back in the game on the next play. Sorry I will step down from my Soap box now. Peace

Dave said...

So true I agree with you. The idealism of Corbyn wont get a Labour government in at the next election.

Lee said...

Sadly today we have no leaders of worth...not one, anywhere!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Ah yes, the nobles would round on him, but he would just get on with it and see what happened.

Jenny, Cameron is happily disgraced and all Tories are distancing themselves from him, bar Osborne that is.
He will go and make money but his tell all book may rebound on him.

Lady, When I travel by bus I use the free bus card offered to old people. When getting on the bus I joke that at that time all the passengers are using 'zimmer' frames to help them walk, some indeed do!
'Container lorries carry the large containers that travel the world bringing cheap Chinese goods to our door.
Ah yes we have lost our idiot Cameron, you are choosing which loser to vote for. Good luck.

Dave, Indeed, the far left do not live in the real world.

Lee, That is true to a great extent.

Kay G. said...

The only man in heaven, HA! He has to take out the trash! I love it!
God knows what men are for!