Thursday, 8 September 2016


It was when I saw this dingy mug sitting among the bric-a-brac of the house that all the women in my past came to mind.  I don't know why?
It's funny how little things set of the memories is it not?  For instance the fragrance of various flowers brings memories, one takes me back to primary schooldays, another to walking in certain streets.  Such strong fragrance is not easily forgotten, that is why women pay so much for that perfume bottle.  The women I meet appear to prefer motor oil or coal gas but that's another story. Wet grass reminds me of the joy of football when face down in the mud I revealed to the world my fantastic goalkeeping abilities.  Pipe tobacco reminds me of my dad sitting smoking his 'Condor' pipe tobacco with it's distinctive aroma on the box he made into a toolbox come seat in his little garden, my that seems o long ago, a different world.
A photograph is of course always an easy reminder of past events and awful haircuts.  Such things can be used to embarrass people today as well as remind them of people long gone or good times once had.  Memory of my leg break reminds me of God's goodness to me at the time, all those incidents that followed on from that.  Nine, or was it eight, pins in my leg, that is a reminder that is always with me!  
Not all memories are good of course, I avoid the multitude of 'cancer' adverts and reports that appear to fill TV and radio time, since my sister died that time I have never been keen to see these.  Those who endured war often keep memento's of one sort or another, the diary written at the time yet never opened today, the bullet removed from the leg, the dreams that never leave.  
Memory is strange in some ways and we control it by deliberately forgetting certain things which we wish not to heed, occasionally however it slips into the mind.  The good thing is this happens also with good memories, days of sunshine and happiness, days of blue skies, green grass and much enjoyment.  I hope we have lots of those memories.

Talking of blue skies we had one of these above us for much of the day.  Not that I saw it as I spent most of the day slumped over this or lying asleep in my pit.  The real summer is drawing rapidly to a close and the usual suspects are at this moment gathering strength in mid-Atlantic and preparing to drop lots of rain upon us over the weekend. 
I may be asleep for another day or two at this rate...


Lee said...

I wouldn't want to wake up to that each morning; the mug that is. If you had a mug like that it'd break the mirror!

Memories...they take us down many winding paths; and some that have not revisited for a long time surprise us when they return. What was once forgotten wasn't forgotten at all we discover. They were hidden away in our mind, just waiting for a prompt to reappear.

Lady Di Tn said...

The mind and memories are a wonderful thing. I agree a word, a smell, etc can bring back a flood of good or bad memories. I try to savor the good and shake of the bad. But again they all are triggered by different things. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lee, That mug reminds me of many people....

Lady, Indeed.