Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Another Day...

Oh to be a Crow!
Or is it a Rook...?
Anyway I had a great day at the museum.  We were not overworked, the kids being back at school led to large periods of quietness an experience we have not been used to.  However some folks came, the odd child also, and there were once again those asking questions, that is what I love. 
Add to this having work dumped upon me regarding the Great War, he asked about one man and I went straight to him, (aint I good?) and tonight and tomorrow I will have to research a bit more for him.  Also a woman with Zeppelin questions, all as museums ought to be.
All was going swimmingly and then a discussion online tonight went awry.  Possibly jumping in when tired is not the best thing, even when right, but there you go.  Now this has ruined my good mood, even though I was right, and I wish I was that Crow (Rook) as he never gets ruffled.  Indeed he lords it over all other creatures in the park and happily wanders at a distance from people, treating them with disdain.  Sounds right for me.
Ah well, another day tomorrow and another disaster awaits. 


Lee said...

I love crows. They're such intelligent birds. I reckon you're an intelligent "old" bird, too, Mr. Ad-Man - so don't let others who don't know any better ruffle your feathers!

Hold you head high, flap your wings; give them a "Faaaaarrrrkkkk!" and fly away!

Just a word or two of advice from one old bird to another! ;)

Dave said...

I try to tell difference between rooks and crows by remembering that rooks have ruffles, on their legs. They often have lighter beaks. But as Lee says they are extremely clever. Have a look on You Tube for "intelligent crows" it is amazing what they can do.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yep I would have loved to been the crow this morning when asked "What are you washing. I wanted to say D--- dirty clothes but I refrained. Some days I wonder how far they would roll down the Hill. hehe Peace

Adullamite said...

Lee, I followed your advice and I am in court tomorrow 9 am. Thanks.

Dave, Incredibly clever birds. I am amazed at how well they work out problems.

Adullamite said...

Lady, I suspect they would roll a long way!