Saturday, 10 September 2016


Te sight of this man sitting under the tree, brolly up, summed up the day.  On and off all day precipitation filled the day.  I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it, I disagreed with gardeners and farmers who thought it a good idea.  
Today is what they call in England & Wales 'Heritage Day,' a day in which museums, art gallery's and places not often open to the public open and for free allow the masses to trample all over their carpets.  It rained!  This stopped me going out, though I actually preferred to lie in my bed, as the places I wished to visit all required being outside, in the rain.  Many people would have managed to visit the barge and Lighthouse Boat that were open, the open churches and big houses would be perfect places on such a day as this, and those humps in the ground that are actually Norman castles would no doubt have gathered visitors anyway.    
I stayed in and watched Manchester City.

When I did venture out, in between showers, I found pictures hard to obtain.  The flowers in the gardens were dying off, the damp kept all peoples away, bar several 11 year old boys playing around the bushes, I dared not ask what they were up to, and even the birds and squirrels were hiding. 

So I came home and looked for the football.  What else could I do?

The last of summer I fear...

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