Saturday, 3 September 2016

Dead Boring Saturday

An early walk in the sun to the shop for yesterdays bread summed up the day.  
Nothing happened after this.
I was not up to anything, I did nothing, no football of consequence was available, nothing happened.
Boring indeed.
My ears hurt, I am half deaf in one ear as the jaw bones rub the other and swell, I feel rough, I am half asleep all day, and in short life goes on as always.

Now the rain has returned.
Summer is over, the nights are closing in, cloud covers the earth, rain falls.
I might go back to my latest book, "Cheerfulness and How to Get Shot of it!"


Jenny Woolf said...

Can the doc do anything for your ears? Do you think your jaw is dislocated? I am sorry you've been feeling so bad. Being in pain can do that. I often look around charity shops for videos that might interest me when I feel in that state of mind. YOu don't have to make much effort to watch them and they usually draw you in....

Lee said...

My Sunday was spent reading the paper, watching the movie "The Rainmaker", which I'd seen before years ago, but had recorded it when it was on TV a week or so ago. Good movie. And I watched and laughed through recorded re-runs of "Frasier"! I love Frasier...a funny show that always makes me laugh. There seems to be no good comedies around these I'll stick with Frasier, Cheers, Becker and Everyone Loves Raymond re-runs.

So, in all, I enjoyed my Sunday. :)