Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Visit from Darth

Once again the mighty Darth Vader dropped in on the museum bringing Kylo Ren and a Stormtrooper and well over a hundred visitors along with him.  I hoped for more visitors myself but a container lorry on its side at a major roundabout hindered traffic flow for hours and many would have taken the kids off into the last of the seasons sunshine instead.  

However those that came were soon into posing with Darth or spending hours teaching dad how to draw, then cut out masks and badges of Star Wars type.  We remain convinced the dads enjoyed it more than the kids.

Darth two came along and offered us the treat of watching a smaller Darth pose!  Which one is more dangerous we asked but never came to an answer.  Super sight!  We also had a small stormtrooper return and a baby dressed like r2d2.  He was about the right size!  

The men who do the characters were as always marvellous!  They take position for every camera aimed at them, were great at drawing in fearful kids, Darth especially had several wary of his presence, I suppose when you are three and see a man in black with heavy breathing six foot above you it can be worrying.  He was great at posing with them and Kylo Ren and the Stormtrooper always positioned themselves well for the camera.  Even at the end they would not change out of the heavy and very hot outfits until the last person had had their pictures, a superb group of men.   

Standing stock still convinced visitors that these were merely dummies dressed up, then they would move and scare the life out of folks, it was good and made several folks day.  Hopefully we can arrange similar events in the future as 'Star Wars' have ten more movies to make.  The popularity of this series is amazing.  

The pride in revealing their talent was endless.  Gran was won out but she hands them back today and will sleep for a week!  Never fails to amaze how the kids can really enjoy the craft work and it is more amazing how many dads and mums were doing it also!  Big kids!


Mo said...

Wow what a fabulous event. Who would have thought the space people would have stopped off in the Scottish Isles.

Lee said...

Own up, Mr. Ad-Man...I know that's you hiding in costume! Or do you always dress that way?

Adullamite said...

Mo, Tsk!

Lee, No!

Jenny Woolf said...

It looks like a brilliant event, I know so many kids who would have been first in line to go!