Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Old Tech But Working Tech

A short time ago I suddenly realised a favourite radio programme was about to start on Radio 4.  This is the type of programme I usually wish to keep so off I run to the tape cassette recorder (ask mum kids) and search for a free tape.  
For many years I used to have a double tape deck and was able to make tapes according to my own desire, those days sadly have passed and few have any sort of cassette player with which to listen.  Now it appears we much insert disc into deck and record from the TV (which also has radio) and keep a disc.  However two problems arise here, one is the inability to play around mixing and matching with these and the other my discs fail to work.  Yet another of the hundred and one things that need attention in this house.
However if it works I will be able to improve my collection of tapes and this is a must as I am sick of hearing those I made 20 years ago!  They themselves are now historical!  For many years I have had to do without this tape machine and when I hear them now it takes me back sometimes more than 20 years.  Tapes from the Open University, BBC anniversaries of D-Day, war programmes, historical recordings, various UK towns, all sorts of things lie there.  However I find so few programmes to record today and this machine does not do the 'DAB' system so many more channels are lost to me which is sad.  
I particularly like short 15 min programmes on a variety of subjects but being there to record them, no timer on this either, does make things irksome.  of course I could mention the buzzing on the reception that will not desist no matter where we go but I will leave that aside as I can ignore that, usually.  Too many drama's, book for women, boring or irrelevant stuff on radio these days.  Hopefully things will improve.  



Lee said...

I've got a cassette player similar to that one laying around here somewhere gathering dust and cobwebs...(under my bed); plus a pile of cassettes in a box out in the back area. I've also got a pile of LPs hanging around the place, too. I could turn my cabin into a second-hand music store...but I won't!

Adullamite said...

Lee, If it works keep it I say.