Monday, 11 July 2016

Tidy Workplace

Today, while the world turned unhindered by my presence, I moved the desk, which does not come apart, painted, hoovered and painted and hoovered and fought with the furniture to place it in a better position.  How can such a small job take all day?  When I think of 'The Venomous Bead's' new building and all the work required, with or without doors, I envy them the energy and talent that has gone into it.  Moving in with the help of the men at full speed I envy not however.  How could they create a new building so quick and I struggle to paint mine?
Of course the things I found behind the desk are interesting.  No idea what some of them are but I am sure they will plug into some device unused since yon time.  However it is wonderful to see clean walls, torn paper right enough but clean walls and a desk now better organised.  Next stop bookcase corner, moving the books, moving the bookcases, painting, returning things in better order.  That should take a week!

   Theresa May

This is the woman who will become the new Prime Minister as of Wednesday evening.  Who is she, what will she do?  
She claimed years ago that the Tory Party must get rid of the 'Nasty party' image.  Since then we have had years of Eton toffs running the country, more suffering for those on benefits, a rise in the number of Foodbanks from 66 to over a thousand, and a growing divide between rich toffs and the rest.  She claims today she wishes to end this divide.
Now she is a Tory, and worse a woman!  This never brings good things to the land.  However I am of a mind that she does indeed wish to change the 'Nasty party' into a more open one, and as a woman she, unlike Thatcher, is actually female!  This will bring a new view of the Tory boys to us all.
Stubborn and pig headed - she is a woman - she will push her ideas through.  We wait and see what her new cabinet will look like, that should start appearing on Thursday or Friday, and this will give a hint to the direction she will take regarding her promises.
We can do nothing but hope she will remove the stain of the past six years.  We can only hope something positive for most will arise.  We can only hope she is not the serf of Mr Murdoch!
Theresa May has always been a private person not keen on PR or too much public attention.  This role will change that but I suspect she is ready, she has been planning to reach for it for some time and now she is here we will see what she is made off.


Jenny Woolf said...

I'm impressed you've made such a good job of your desk. Just recently I've been letting things slide, admittedly mostly since about mid June when it began to dawn on me that the country might be heading for an upheaval. As for Teresa May, yes, I hope she'll be a miracle worker but at least she has probably been thinking away about the country as she has toiled away in the Home Office for the last 6 years. "If I was running this country, I'd....."

But she has a lot to undo. We were talking about it this evening and thought many towns outside London have been going down as long as we can remember.Some new thinking is in order, that is for sure. I hope she is the person to start it.

carol in cairns said...

Well done on the desk!

Lee said...

Obviously that sign was composed by an uneducated, ignorant person who neither knows many Aussies or Kiwis.

Perhaps whoever made the sign utilised these archaic meanings of the word "sophisticate"....

a. to mislead or corrupt (a person).
b. To make impure; adulterate.

the fly in the web said...

Having honed your painting skills be prepared to fly out at a moments' notice to start on this lot...and perhaps you could identify some of the stranger electrical devices which I keep finding in boxes, unattached to anything recognisable...

Dave said...

I think she is a good option as PM and I too hope she will change things. As she has been there long enough I'm sure she will have sussed people out. In 50 years time political history students will probably be studying this period and the effect it had on the British constitution.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, the cabinet will say much. However one way of forgetting it all is to start tidying the desk, all else fades away as you scramble underneath it for things unknown that lie there.

Carol, I am so pleased, of course I canny find anything I need...

Lee, Seems fine to me....:)

Fly, I am on my wa...hold on my brush has disintegrated.

Dave, It will certainly be studied as how not to do it.

Mo said...

What with Boris in charge of foreign affairs. Geez for every political action these days comes an earthquake. Get rid of the lot and lets have an election.

Nice tidy desk. Maybe you should stand and sort the country out too.

Adullamite said...

Mo, I'm like that US spokesman, still grinning at Boris! Maybe she is letting him have rope enough to hang himself.