Saturday, 9 July 2016

Early Start

This is the world at shortly after five in the morning.  OK I tweaked the picture a wee bit by pressing one of the many buttons on this camera but it is a decent image in the end.  How lovely to be out there before the dog walkers.  How nice to see dozens of rabbits running as I approach, how hard is it cycling up a slope before breakfast?  

The council have done an excellent job of improving this area, money well spent and much used by the locals.  The locals have fought of an attempt to turn part of this area into allotments for desperate gardeners and if memory serves well they also stopped a developer enriching himself near here.  Well done to them, the council would not spend this money then sell it soon afterwards.  The designated housing blocks near here are far away from the town itself, other peoples worry now. 

I found these mill stones embedded by the council next to a hump in the ground.  There must have been some sort of mill here but this is the first I knew about it.  Oh the fun and excitement here never ends!

This treehenge must have stood here for thousands of years, well at least since last year when the council workers knocked it up out of left over fallen trees!  The things you find round the corner!
I'm now off to the museum, once again no-one has turned up.  Volunteers need shooting!


the fly in the web said...

Super photographs of the best time of the day!

Kay G. said...

Nice photos, you should get up and out about this early every day!
Wonder where the millstones came from? That wouldn't work here, I should think they would be stolen.

Lee said...

A great lot of photos, Mr. Ad-Man. :)

carol in cairns said...

Gorgeous pics of your daybreak again Adullaman.

Adullamite said...

Fly, It is indeed!

Kay, I am told they were not original mill stones. It was indeed a working mill for many centuries but by the years after the war it fell into disuse and was demolished in the 80's.

Lee, Ta much.

Carol, Daybreak is gorgeous innit?