Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hurrah! Normality Returns (If that is the right word)

I knew it was a bug that had disturbed my Blogs equilibrium not my incompetence.  All has returned to normal now so I can fill the page with blurred, out of focus, shots of rubbish that you all love, what?... oh!

On Saturday, for reasons that were not apparent, the Royal British Legion were in attendance in the town centre.  Also on parade stood this excellent wee 'Ferret' vehicle once used by the British Army throughout the world.  Owned by a local chap I was interested to see inside of the vehicle as I had seen them around for many years.  
It appears it was not that popular with the gentlemen who once drove them however.  A passing chap indicated he had driven them in Germany during 1970 on the autobahn at 70 miles and hour.  The thing was these boys did not like turning and on corners, being top heavy had an inclination to topple over.  However off road it could at slow speeds take a 45% angle easily!
Some would say this is typical of British Army approach to equipment.


Something strange has been happening recently.  The sun has been shining and has been HOT!  
This is indeed news in a nation used to cold, rain and hail.  
Today, while I sat indoors at the museum, people outside suffered high temperatures, at the moment it is 28%C around 82% F.  This is how it ought to be but as always we are complaining it is too hot, 70% is good enough for the UK population.  Indeed one woman went past using a brolly as a parasol to keep the heat off, something not seen outside of aged photographs!  No doubt it will not last but if it falls to that 70% level I will be happy enough. 
Oh yes, the trains are delayed as the rails are too hot and speeds have been reduced.

This one is good.  Turkey President Erdogan is attacked by a Coup.  The people stand up and halt the coup although many die during it and a round up begins of those who have rebelled against the state.
However it now becomes obvious the President is rounding up all opponents of his reign, not from anger at rebellion, nor from Islamic zeal but just to keep himself in power.  WikiLeaks, those nasty folks that steal secret documents from folks such as he, promises to release thousands and thousands of Turkish emails many implying this 'coup' was staged by the President himself and he was behind it all the time.
Gosh who would have thought...?
Of course having been an Ally of the west for a while he has some room to maneuver and those US bases watching Putin's Russia will prevent the US indicating dislike, or indeed much else at the moment.  
Don't ya just love a dictator?  Come back Ataturk, your country needs you!   

He's getting closer,I wonder if he will reuse any of previous Presidential contenders speeches the way his wife did the other day?  Maybe he can afford to hire scriptwriters or possibly just spout any old rubbish from the lectern as many of his audience will cheer him anyway.

Talking of problems here our new Prime Minister has finished establishing her right wing government taking time to lie in her teeth to Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and revealing the emptiness of her concern for the poorest.  She had said she offered a vision,  "A vision of a country that works not for the privileged few but works for every one of us," yet the new Secretary  of State for the DWP, that's the benefits people, is a Minister who has little concern for the poor having voted against every benefit and voted for every cut to any and all benefits introduced by the previous Dickens character Ian Duncan Smith.  Damian green, for it is he, now has the opportunity to ensure that those with debilitating illnesses, loss of limbs, sickness or death are declared 'fit for work' and their benefits removed from them post haste.  We will see soon whether this woman really wishes to serve the entire nation, maybe we are again 'all in it together?'

We might need this...



the fly in the web said...

Keep pouring!

Kay G. said...

I only have eyes for that poppy. It's really pretty.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Aye OK hen if you say so...where's the floor by the way...?

Kay, Pretty? And so are you!

Mo said...

I'm with fly - keep pouring. Politicians are just so damn scary at the moment.

Adullamite said...

Mo, Hic!

Lee said...

Great to see a Right Wing Government in power. Good on Theresa May. I think she will do a good job. Many will try to tear her down...they've already begun to try...but she appears to be a strong person...and it'll run off her back like water on a duck's back.

Adullamite said...

Lee, May has already shown she is just another Tory. I fear for the poorest.