Thursday, 21 July 2016

Poke it!

Now look!  Work can be busy enough as it is without folks wandering in asking if we have bloody Pokemon creatures flying about.  So what does the boss do?  She and the rest wander about the garden finding the things and offers half price entry to anyone who finds one!  Now we will be filled on Saturday (when I have to return) with folks pointing their mobiles at corners looking for beasties.
Thankfully today offered none of these but we had the usual granddad with child, other visitors and  rather a lot of strange requests. 
The problem is everyone thinks we will know everything and sadly we don't (even if I pretend I do) and as nobody with knowledge has written a book on this or that we canny supply one can we?
This was added to by a slow talking caller with a request he knew little about!  In short a good day with lots of interest and I even took some cash! 
It is sometimes quite funny when visitors arrive.  We see all sorts and as you can expect many of them are characters of one sort or another.  Next week with the kids on Holiday and our 'Star Wars day' complete with Darth Vader and Stromtroopers we might get a right weird collection coming in!
Anyone up for it?

The heat, much as we love it, has been interfering with the internet.  I understand the copper wiring has not liked it and BT's old fashioned areas have suffered.  Twitter was slow, other things did not connect and I am considering moving too Fibre if I can find the prices.  This country cannot deal with heat, not excessive cold, nor too much rain (I note here they plan to build houses in an area that floods!) and any other weather pattern.  Now the sun has gone and cloud covers us we complain again!  Typical!


the fly in the web said...

I don't know what these things are...and by the sound of it I'm better off not knowing.

Lee said...

I won't be joining the Pokemon you won't see me wandering around. It won't be me not looking where I'm going!

carol in cairns said...

I am sorry, I had to have a little chuckle (just a little one), to see your boss' marketing campaign to increase your visitor numbers. She will have you dressing up in a Pikachu suit next.

Adullamite said...

Lee, So glad, too many folks in the plants already.

Carol, Grrrrr! Not funny! But I would keep quiet about that as she might!

Jenny Woolf said...

Loved the joke, made me laugh out loud. I'm trying to understand POkemonGO but it's not easy since I only seem to see it on other peoples' phones. Apparently it's free but I already waste enough time so don't propose downloading it onto mine.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Sadly it is the stupidest jokes that make me laugh out loud! I'm glad you are ignoring Poke!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Stay ignorant of them, I'm trying to.