Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Star Wars Day

Tuesday saw the museum graced by the gracious visit of Lord Darth Vader, some Storm Troopers and a few of his friends and enemies (you name them I couldn't without a nine year old to help me)  from the Star Wars films.  He towered amongst us making strange noises and as far as we know managed not to kill anybody.  Kylo Ren, another baddie however I managed not to mention that word in his presence, stands next to him while Chewbacca hid indoors at the time.  Also there in attendance were two men who played Storm Troopers and other parts in the original movie, they sold many signed pictures of themselves and spoke to a great number off their experiences in making the film.  I wish I had time to listen in!  

This was the busiest day I can remember.  It began before the doors opened and families, granddad and child, single individuals and friends piled in through the doors long before the actors had got their outfits out of the vehicles.  On top of that we had a Jedi Training class for 5-11 year old's, Light Sabres supplied I think though many brought their own.  As always a dozen or so arrived not having booked and luckily several who had did not turn up so all was well.  The shop was crowded with mums and kids ready to scream with disappointment or glee for quite a while while that was sorted out.  It was non stop all day until about three in the afternoon.

 Kylo Ren, he has the 'force.'

The morning flew by with piles of money coming in to pay for it all and lots of dads claiming to come 'for the kids' but we all knew better.  The T-shirts bearing pictures of Darth Vader and the legend 'I am your father' kind of gave it away.  We were short of £1 coins and while we scraped them up from here there and everywhere the boss went to the bank for £20s worth. (It is hard to get change from banks these days), later he went and got £100 worth but as folks offered £10 & £20 notes they were running out by days end.  My shop boss was working herself into the ground on the till so I did the gentlemanly thing and let her.

It is only when you see Chewbacca in the er, flesh that you realise how tall he is.  This huge gentle giant towered over the kids, many of whom ran when he approached, as indeed did the adults!  One lad, himself dressed as a Storm Trooper, was encouraged to be photographed with Chewie.  He was extremely apprehensive and backed off.  Chewie, in kindness reached out his hand towards the lad and he almost ran for the door.  Mum eventually persuaded him to pose but he was not keen.  Chewie was, like all of them, great with kids.  They all posed for pictures with young and old and answered questions if they could, if they could speak that is, and dressed in those fabulous costumes with a high temperature outside and in it must have been very hard for them as it was steaming indoors!  We were struggling all day, sweat lashing from us and these guys did a great job.

Even Sand creatures and , er...the other one, need to sit down and admire the view now and again.  The Sand Creature had a lad playing around near him so he banged his weapon on the floor sharply and the kid took off quick time.  A great laugh for everyone.  I wonder if the kid has come down from that ledge yet...?

This was the moment our wee Storm Trooper was waiting for.  The Troopers had gone in for a cup of tea and a flapjack to keep them going but came out early just for him.  He was desperate to see them and compare notes.  He tapped their hard defensive armour so they tapped his, it was not quite so strong.  he loved it and these two Storm Troopers were great with him and all others.  Any camera pointed towards them and a suitable pose was adopted immediately, great stuff.  This wee chap will spend another seven weeks on holiday but when he returns to school his 'What I did on holiday' will begin with 'I met Storm troopers!'  That is what such days are for.

The Sand Creature is he one on the right, the other creature might be one of the hideous beasts from a new film.  Oh hold on that's John who volunteers here, my mistake.  There is one out now, Number 7 possibly and another 'one off' arrives in December, then next year Number 8 appears.  Ten new films in all producing amazing creatures with strange weapons and vast talents yet the main characters fight with laser swords!!!  

The chap from a local shop took a desk and sold quite a number of items.  I was glad as sometime these 'pop-up shops' fall flat but he said he had done well, good for him!  I wish I had bought something now!  Being one who ignores such stuff I am now finding I wish to know more.  Good grief does this mean I am becoming a Jedi!!!!

Alan Flyng had part in two of the first three films and had a constant stream of folks questioning him while he signed their pictures.  His site tells something of the joys of film making and the other aspects of his life.  Well worth a read for the Jedi viewer.  I forget the name of the other chap who is seen second picture in however I suspect any site of his it would read in similar fashion.

A day enjoyed by all and profitable for the museum, once we have paid for this lot of course.  It is expensive but brings the museum to peoples attention, the kids will not forget this.  The whole set up is run by a 'Mr Luke Skywalker' who provides us with the characters and various other items.  It is his collection and yesterday it worked very well.  The best day the museum has had for a long time.  Of course not much actual history but enough historical items round about for the interested to notice.


the fly in the web said...

I'm still trying to work out which one is you...

Kay G. said...

Wow, those costumes are very good.
When I saw Star Wars in 1977, they were selling badges that said, "May The Force Be With You.". You know I bought one and I still have it!
I knew it would be a big thing. Man, I hate being right all the time!

Lee said...

Star Wars certainly is popular and has been for so many years. I've never been sucked in by the hype and am not a follower/fan. Each to their own...I know I'm out-numbered!

Show your face, man!!!!! :)

Jenny Woolf said...

Looks amazing! I bet some of those kids will always remember it. I would have done!

carol in cairns said...

What an awesome day for your community Adullaman. Great stories and thank you for sharing it with us.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Sadly the suit does not fit over my belly.

Kay, You do not hate being right all the time missus!

Lee, I am now desperate to see the original film!

Jenny, These kids will remember this for years.

Carol, It was a good day and if cash allows we might do it again.