Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sorry Sunday

Sorry Sunday.
I woke early but very tired.  This all day working is not good for my wizened bones.  I intended to go out but went back to bed until ten!  I spent the rest of the day ignoring the sunshine and stuffing my face or sleeping.  What a way to spend a Sunday.  On top of that there was no football to distract me, it's a disgrace!  I tried five minutes of Formula One but that was boring, the car that gets away first always wins, and I had the 'Tour de France' on for most of the day even though there was nothing to it being already won by the yellow jersey.  At least the views of the countryside were better than anything on other channels.
All this eating less to lose weight is making me ill.  All very well for wee girls not doing much but when you have to work in a museum all day (and listen to a woman talking all day also) it can be hard work.  She tired my mind, that has not recovered.  
Now clouds cover the earth again in what is a normal summer at last.  The temperature is still high but in Kuwait it appears they have hit 54C, that's about 130F in temperature.  Not even they like that!  The end is near!

Nothing to say so here is a 'selfie!'


Lee said...

You should watch more of the Formula One races, Mr. Ad-Man...the car that gets away first not always comes first. In the Hungarian F-1, Rosberg had poll position, but got beaten by Lewis Hamilton.

With all your woes it was good it was Sunday...a perfect excuse to stay indoors and hide away from the rest of the world...a world full of annoying women. I hope the coming week treats you well...and women take the hint and stay well clear of you! lol

Adullamite said...

Lee, F1, no!