Monday, 21 September 2015

The End Must Be Nigh Now

A glance at the press today reflect the mess that this world is in.  The main story concerns the youthful happenings of the present Prime Minister one David Cameron.  The tales, if true, are what many of us would expect from such an individual but leave me either laughing at his history or frowning at the sadness of it all.  
The revelations come from a book about to be published and now serialised in the staunch Conservative supporting 'Daily Mail.'  If these stories are not true the papers lawyers will soon be looking for another job.  If however they are true maybe it is time Dave moved on in disgrace.    

Michael Ashcroft sat in the House of Lords for many years even after it was revealed he did not live in the UK.  To be a member of the Lords an individual must be UK based most of the time, Ashcroft has spent most of his working life based in Belize, for tax purposes!  He is reputed to be a Billionaire and possibly richer than Belize itself.  He made his money in business and supported and worked for the Conservative Party giving three million pounds to them after Tony Blair came to power and has since given up to £8 million to their coffers.  He claims to have been offered a 'top job' by David Cameron who failed to supply once he had come to power alongside the Lib-Dems at the previous election.  Ashcroft was probably snubbed because of his power and ability but is not a man to be crossed.  Therefore he has produced this book, aided by an ex 'Times' political writer, pointing our Cameron's many shortcomings in a deliberate attempt to remove him.  It might work.

What has appealed most, so far, to the media is the strange activities of those many student groups in Oxford University circles.  It is well known Cameron as well as George Osborne and Boris Johnson belonged to the 'Burlington Club,' a groups of very rich spoilt brats who got drunk, wrecked restaurants and the like and behaved like 'Hooray Henry's' but never got jailed because they were rich.  Some say Cameron was a 'quiet' member of this group.  There was also another 'club,' one that apparently did not include a 'membership list' instead people just joined.  It is said an initiation ceremony for the 'Piers Gaveston Society included our Dave placing his 'Boaby' inside a dead pigs mouth, hence 'Twitter' etc, have been er, hamming it up all day.  A third and not unusual accusation regards the smoking of cannabis, a not unusual event among students.  Cameron at one time, e.g. before he was famous, was in favour of relaxing the law on drugs possibly because he saw a family member or friend suffer badly from Heroin effects, this touched him deeply as it would.  

David Cameron has said he 'will not dignify claims made in the book,' which to some is admitting the claims are true!  His friends have been quick to tarnish the story by claiming the book is just 'revenge' which it is, lies, unfounded allegations with no evidence, or some claiming that 'That's what students do!'  In my short experience of the 'Open University' I was made aware of some instances of interest but never on any occasion did a pig get a mention, dead or otherwise.  
However the real parliamentary danger lies elsewhere.  David Cameron claimed he had not realised 'until a month ago' that Ashcroft was a 'non-dom' and should not be in the House of Lords.  The book makes clear he knew for about a year before this time.  That could include therefore 'lying to the House of Commons' a serious event.
Did any of these things happen?  We cannot tell, but no lawyers yet involved.  Do the people behind him think Cameron has no beliefs bar be in power and is considered a 'Tosser' by the majority?  Well yes I suggest that is true, after all George Osborne really runs the Conservatives and government.

But this is not the only thing bugging me today.  

In St Andrews at the weekend a 'hate preacher' was stopped by a man playing the bagpipes.  It appears this chap was preaching something to the market place using an amplifier.  What he was saying I did not discover but he was, it has been said, asked to turn down the sound but refused.  
The glee that this man has been stopped does worry me.  Why?  Because he was, they say, preaching anti-Muslim and anti-gay but nothing of what he says has been recorded.  
Putting this incident aside we now live in a world where being 'gay' is greeted with cheers and being 'Christian' is open to ridicule.  How can this be?  How come in thirty years the West now considers such behaviour normal and if you indicate this is not true you become enemy number one?  Is it a sense of 'equality?'  That cannot be the case for if 'equality' was important so would Christian belief be free.  
The government are now desperate to introduce a new extremism law. The intention of this would stop Muslim extremists encouraging young folks to join ISIS or the like but instead it hinders almost everyone from stating their beliefs as this would offend someone, and who is to decide what is 'hate?'  A Gay judge perhaps?  We have already seen that in action and it was biased towards gays.  A politician?  Who?  The Home Secretary Theresa May perhaps?  She is determined to make a shot at being PM so her approach will be tainted with her future.  We are moving into a society where freedom of expression, already limited, will be removed further.  This happened during the war when a severe danger faced the country and as such was seen as part of the defence.  It was removed at the end of the war but this law will extend further into the future and who knows what government will exist then?
Freedom is already reduced at all levels of society.  Calling a woman 'Dear' or 'Love' gets a rebuke from wee girls, who in my case do not like the reply, and can lead to trouble for some individuals at work.  Touchy wee girls should not be allowed to harm relations at work I say.  Too many minor incidents cause needless fuss, just imagine if I complained about what offends me!  

The world political situation never changes, just the people and places involved.  However so many things indicate Jesus return soon, and before then the world will only get worse. Moreover has there ever been a government with such a situation to avoid talking about?  Cameron can be glad he has three weeks away from the House as party conferences take place, however the further revelations from this book will interest many of us. 


Unknown said...

Should not Cameron showing such affection for a hog's head make him a darling to the anti-Muslims? After all, Muslims are forbidden from having anything to do with pork. Um, are you still glad I survived?

Lee said...

The world is in a mess and humans are the ones to blame for the mess it's in.

I'm pretty fed up with it all...and have found myself backing away from listening to, reading and watching the news as much as I used to because it's all too distressing and so much of it angers me. In saying so, I still do read/see/hear enough bulletins....maybe I should just shut everything down...and create my own fantasy world filled with happiness. And stuff the rest of it!!!!

soubriquet said...

Bullingdon Club, I think, not Burlingham... Anyway, that has quite put me off my bacon sandwich.
And Piers Gaveston, well, may or may not have been Edward II's gay lover, was certainly his very very best friend, but came to a nasty end.
Surprised anybody, even a bunch of gilded toffs would name a club after him.

carol in cairns said...

I don't watch TV, therefore never have to subject myself to someone else's interpretation of what is newsworthy. The radio news I do catch did not mention Mr Cameron's pig or penis which is a good thing because it is our national broadcaster. I concur ~ we have become a more tolerant world in some respects but not in others. Who or what we blame it on, I am not sure. I remember reading or hearing something once that said if we want change in the world the best place to start is with ourselves. There is a 'movement' which seems to be getting some traction ~ perhaps on a different front to the one you have written about ~ called Think Globally, Act Locally. Perhaps that is all each of us can do really.

carol in cairns said...

Note to Jerry ~ survived what?

the fly in the web said...

Given the reputation of Piers Gaveston one wonders where else the boaby was in action....

Unknown said...

Hey there, Carol! I have been pretty much off-line for the last month or so because of some extra health issues, which are addressed in the last few articles I published on AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles. Adullamite has feigned great concern for my welfare, as to be expected from the likes of him. (LOL?)

Kay G. said...

Every day, all these kind of stories are just wearing me down. And the political correctness is something that is making people crazy.
Like you say, everyone is so careful not to "offend" but they don't might offending Christians, that's okay apparently!

carol in cairns said...

Jerry, I will have to pop over and read about your dilemma. But then it is so much more fun to carry on our conversation on Adullaman's blog. Take care won't you.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, That particular point has not been made by any Muslim - so far! Am I glad you survived - hmmm...

Lee, Yes we noticed your fantasy world the other day...

Soub, Bullingdon indeed! The 'elite' like to make use of risky people. It gives them something to look down upon.

Carol, Quite surprised such news is limited over there. It would give them a laugh! We are more 'tolerant' but if you disagree the 'tolerant' become very 'intolerant' to those who think differently.

Carol, Jerry had another near death experience from his many physical problems. He also had to deal with the Yank health service which may not help.

Fly, Tsk! You imply something that has not arisen - so far.

Jerry, Feigned is the word....
Are you insured by any chance...?

Kay, Indeed offending Christians is allowed. PC rules!

Carol, You really don't have time to read his dilemma. It goes on for ever and you will get depressed! Much better to laugh at Jerry on here. :)