Saturday, 12 September 2015

Drinking Saturday Away

Today was 'heritage Day' a day in which museums everywhere were open and entrance was FREE!
Foolishly I accepted the request to arrive when I would have preferred to lie about the house wasting away for a change.  Many people arrived, some for the last day of the WW2 exhibition and many just because it was free.  A few even spent money!  
What an opportunity to see museums, houses and historical buildings, many rarely open to the public, for free and often with a guided tour.  So many places were open today I wish I had been elsewhere.  Sadly too few people knew about these open days and I had to drag some unwilling folks into the building.  They were all grateful when they left I must say as a museum, especially regarding your own history, is a fascinating place, a place to bring back memories and reminisce.     
I am zonked and asleep with an hot toddy in my hand, I bet I spill it...


Lee said...

Well.....did you? Did you spill it? Come on now...spill it!

the fly in the web said...

They have something similar in France...but while the public buildings are free the privately owned ones usually charge - a lot.

It was the birthday of the chap who used to work for us before his old dad collared him to return to the family sugar making business (no, not in an office, but cutting and crushing cane and reducing the liquid in vast concrete vats ) he came to lunch and we celebrated the occasion and Corbyn's win with roast chicken and a bottle of wine...or two.

He may not have known who Corbyn was before but he is now definitely in favour of him.

Jenny Woolf said...

A lot of people literally don't know what goes on in their own backyard, or 200 feet beyond it.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Of course I spilt it!!!

Fly, I loved the fear 'Labour will not win with Corbyn' when we know they will not win with any other either! At least he might make some decent proposals rather than follow the Blair line.

Jenny, Too true! They don't e want to know.