Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday Dullness

It's been that sort of day.
I could have fussed over the make up of the new Labour shadow cabinet.  I could have read all the papers created by middle class white men asking why the new shadow cabinet is made up of middle class white man and no women.  I am told Victoria Derbyshire had a panel of five women discussing why the shadow cabinet did not contain women!  Irony is not her thing.  One wonders how she got her job?  The fuss over whether there are women in the cabinet or not ignores whether they can do the job!  None suggest that any of them have a talent, the few that do actually have a job there but are ignored by the female critics who I suspect could not do the job either.
The fuss over Germany closing its borders to more 'refugees' I ignored, the hassle from Jose Mourino losing his cool as his team Chelsea lost again made me titter but then I let it lie.  No doubt many other serious and important pieces of pap flashed across the news today but I missed them.  It made not a bit of difference.
I did add a piece of research on the non local service folks buried in the cemetery and spent far too long looking for the info.  That filled my afternoon and in the end was of no interest to anyone anywhere in the entire world.  Still it kept me off the streets that I was keeping off anyway as I suffered alone with no nurse to care for me.   


Lee said...

<r. Ad-Man...I thought you've always believed ironing was a job for women....

Oh! wrote irony! By reading your post again I've ironed out my misunderstanding!

Mo said...

I'm interested in the research

Adullamite said...

Lee, I do, get over here and do it!

Mo, The interesting part was discovering the 43 year old had a 24 year old wife.
Interesting that a woman, 24, changed her name quietly to his a year later. Hmmm