Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Crotchety Wednesday

Google announced today that it was the first day of Autumn.  We call it Autumn although Americans and others call it 'Fall.'  This as you know is because they cannot spell 'Autumn.'  In this part of the world the leaves have already begun to turn golden, that is 'golden' to those of a poetic nature and 'yellow' to those who are realists, and many leaves have already fallen from the boughs.  This off course was hastened by the rain and wind of recent days.  In some parts of Scotland this event has yet to be noticed as the snow, whatever name you may use for it, is still lying there freezing everybody.   

A glance at the online 'Daily Mail' this morning offers insights into the world in which we live.  The BBC's big story is the Volkswagen failure in which lies re the emissions will cost the company about £18 billion to put right and a loss of trust that may take years to rebuild.  The 'Mail' finds an Israeli soldier shooting a 'terrorist' more appropriate.  Later in the day this changes to a young 'volunteer' being ordered to drive a car bomb into a target in Syria.  
'Volkswagen' 'the peoples car' created during one of Hitlers frauds in the thirties was supposedly created to enable the German folk to have a car.  Instead the money paid weekly went to building the arms industry and once war came all thought of personal cars disappeared.  For years the German efficiency, reliability and trust has sold millions of cars worldwide, maybe that has ended now.  BMW must be worried.  The emissions may well have killed thousands in the UK alone, do I hear the sound of ambulance chasing lawyers ears pricking up?  It is indeed time cars were cleaned up they do harm us more than we acknowledge.
Three cars in the UK may have to be recalled, the Volkswagen themselves plus all Skoda and Seat models, thousands of cars!  The cost, the interference with drivers, the time, all this adds up and Ford and the rest must be laughing, while checking their own figures also!

Dave of course fills more space as yet more anger is expressed by Lord Ashcroft.  Yesterday we heard that while discussing bombing Syria or Libya the Chief of the General Staff General Richards seems to have reminded Dave that being a member of the Eton Cadet Force did not mean he was able to understand the military implications in the Middle East!  Today we hear of his travelling by Concorde, his rich childhood, how former PM's Thatcher and Major thought him 'shallow' and a supposed attempt by the KGB to recruit the young lad on his 'gap year.'  As a child he was entertained to a millionaires children's party with all the best stuff available, I was not invited. Hmmm, some of this sounds a bit exaggerated and yet the consideration that others thought him shallow is obviously true, because he is!


Much more serious is yet another attempt to make men guilty for women's behaviour.  Alison Saunders, theDirector of Public Prosecutions has made the outstanding statement that any woman who gets drunk, wakes in a strange mans bed, should then contact a 'rape counselor!'   Brilliant!  She makes use of him but as she has had a drink (how much is not mentioned) he is guilty!  This from the woman at the top of the prosecuting authority! 
I drive a car when drunk.  I crash and injure or kill someone. 
Who is responsible me or the person hit? 
If I am guilty because i was drunk and driving then a woman who gets drunk is also guilty, why can women not see this?  Who is to say the girl got drunk so she could lose inhibitions to have sex and then blame someone else?  Why is the man guilty?  Would this be rape?  No!  It would be drink enabling two people to act without due care and attention.
The women in the UK are determined to blame men for everything, women are never guilty, indeed there is a move afoot to close all women's prisons and never jail a woman again!  Men of course would be locked up.  I suppose this is 'equality.'
Rape may be a crime, drunkenness is a two way crime.  Wise women are careful what they drink and who they spend time with, honest women also do not blame the man for their actions.
When men are accused of such crimes they are named and I say that ought to stop now.  Woman who cry 'rape' and lie are not always named, that should end also.
Men these days are automatically considered criminals in this world, this is the result of middle class feminism and it is destroying the world.

Even worse news than any other is yet another attempt by the 'Bay City Rollers' to reform.   This group was seen by a friend of mine in 1969 and he considered them at that time to be the best commercial, that is 'Bubble Gum' group in the city.  By 1974 when they appeared in the charts there had been 35 members worked through the band and what became 'famous' was this bunch of wee neds rather than a commercial music combo.  How sad we thought, we of musical appreciation, to see what depths they have plummeted yet have now found thousands of wee girls buying their records and posting their pictures n the wall.
Of course it fell apart.  The two mainstays spent their time fighting each other, I said they were neds, the manager was later jailed for doing things to wee boys and one of their own followed him into prison for similar offences, I forget which.  One at least, which one I know not, they all look the same to me, spent much time as an estate agent in the city grumbling about parking tickets yet continued to park wherever he liked, another had kept the band going  (Les McKeown) around the world, and who really cares about the others.  So here they are once again reforming the band to cash in on the ageing women who once liked them.  Those grannies will be less interested in neds these days and more likely spending too much time killing the brain cells watching daytime TV, some may even have found a life! 
I will refrain from adding a YouTube video of the group for the sake of decency.

This irks me!  This is a local park and the other day a group of what we now call 'travellers' drove in and parked without any by or leave. There is one group of people who appear to be able to do what they like anywhere in this country and get off with it and it is such as these.  Here they have damaged the park, no doubt that will recover, but elsewhere they park on cricket or rugby pitches, local parks and private fields, sometimes causing great damage and leaving tons of muck behind and they pay nothing for it and the police can or will do little.  
I had them some years ago camping on the park opposite, some £2000 was spent clearing up after them.  It cost a great deal more for the council to bar their way after that.  Several unsavoury incidents arise when they appear and this lot can always hide behind their 'race!'  I wish I could.  It is time these folks, who have plenty of cash, just look at the vehicles and the caravans towing them, it is time they paid their way and were forced to pay towards each council when they park.  I suspect no government has the guts to take a stand here, few votes in this as they often park in what are already Conservative areas.  I may write to the MP as he is new to this and has to learn how bad this can be around this part of England.  I note that Ireland, where so many of them originate, has limited their areas of operation and possibly charged them money.  Maybe that is why so many are here living off the dole.

I'm  certainly a bit grumpy this morning...



carol said...

So much to comment on, but I will choose just two today ~ I was a Bay City Rollers fan but never got a piece of tartan added to my wardrobe. Perhaps that is why they all look the same. If I didn't have a job/career I would be one of those brain dead TV watchers ~ so thank God for feminism which gave me the opportunity to go to university, equal pay, the right to vote and own property in my own name and build a meaningful life. Oops, I didn't mean to comment on your feminism-phobe ~ things must be very different in the UK. Feminism is no big deal here, but equality is. Now what was the second (third) thing ~ oh yeah, the "travellers". Is it not politically correct to call them gypsies anymore? I saw some travellers on a recent UK drama and thought the same thing ~ gee they are flash caravans. Whatever happened to the little horse drawn things they lived in?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Spring forward-Autumn back. Nope, our clocks would never change if we tried it your way.

Speaking of the time, expect a package in the mail making a clicking sound from my wife after your derogatory remarks to deflect from your own shame about it remaining S.A...T.U.R...D.A.Y. Night to you, as well. Now, if I was a less dignified man, I would call you a cheeky bugger, but since I ain't, I won't.

Lee said...

Wow! I see it's Good News Week again...

I was never a Bay City Rollers' fan. And never chose to listen to it...if it happened to play on the radio it never captured and held my attention. Whether they reform or not interests me not...but good for them if they do.

I watch TV, but I don't believe myself to be brain-dead. I have the brains to choose what I want to watch and what I do not want to watch.

And I'm sick to death of all the raging feminists...but then I always have been. If I continue any further with my thoughts, my response will end up as long if not longer than your post, Mr. I'll wander off now, put on my frilly apron, head off to the kitchen, and then I'll tackle the ironing.

the fly in the web said...

Feminists who miss the's not about you doing whatever thing you think fulfills you, it's about getting women proper pay for the work they do and breaking cultural barriers to make sure that girls do not have to undergo genital mutilation...things like that.

And gyppos!I had friends living in Essex whose lives were blighted by these blighters...and, just as in France, no one on authority wants to upset them.

Strawberry Girl said...

Hey you crotchety old fellow how are you doing?

Adullamite said...

Carol, Tickets for the 'Rollers' have sold out already. So many sad women out there. Gypsies/travellers are a pain! A group called 'new age travellers' appeared in the 80's and now all come under this title, all are scroungers bar a minority. Feminism is a lie to separate women from en, not to develop them.

Jerry, Wot is she moaning about? Typical girlie!

Lee, I hope the 'Rollers' roll on into obscurity. Regarding feminists I suggest you speak to one in Cairns!

Fly, A proper woman you! Gyppos! You get arrested for that!

Strawb, All the better for hearing you!

Jenny Woolf said...

I haven't noticed any heads rolling about the Volkswagen thing, I wonder how many people have got respiratory disease and what the Volkewagen shareholders think about the drop in value of their shares. And yet it seems that those in charge get off scot free. Can this be okay?

Adullamite said...

Jenny, The top man resigned claiming no knowledge! Legal problems everywhere may follow but top government peoples everywhere may have known!