Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thursday Twittering

As I picked up the mail this morning I found a card lying there.  The electricity man come to check the meter and I had not heard his knock (the bell has long been bust).  I suppose I did not hear this because I spent two minutes hoovering a path through the dust around that time and that deafens everyone, especially the chap below who works nights.  It's a giggle though!
I noted the card informing me he would return tomorrow morning, between 8-12 am.  As I intend to be on a bus by 9:15 I may miss him.  Now this is interesting to me as normally I check my own meter and send it in online, today was the company attempting to ensure I was not cheating them. 
His problem is made worse as the meter is not in the house but in the basement entered around the back.  My downstairs neighbour will never answer the door, he would be awake when this chap called, so he would not be informed of this.
However the card helpfully states that I can mark the details from the meter on the card and leave it where the electric man sent to check the meter can see it, a normal procedure right enough, however he is supposed to read the meter himself!  So to ensure I am not cheating them I fill out the card normally and leave it for him!  Brilliant!
If only banks were as helpful...

On the start of Windows 10 there is an 'app' that tells you the weather.  On mine today, and indeed I've just noticed it remains there yet, the weather informs me the temperature is 65% and 'mostly sunny.'  When I first noticed this, in between the WiFi disconnecting for no reason, the thin rain was coming straight down as it had been for some hours.  It has restarted again, without the thunder, and will continue most of the night the BBC weather man claims.
Where I wonder do Microsoft get their info from? 
Tsk!  Now I click on it a change has arrived the temp has gone up to 67 and it is now, mostly cloudy.'
Someone must have stuck their head out of the window.

The reason the weather has deteriorated is because I have a wish to visit Camolodunum tomorrow.  I must change my book voucher even though I bet there is nothing I wish in the only store open to me.  A walk through the shops, in spite of the women using them, is a must, and then home to iron shirts once again.  Scots schools have begun to return I believe, down here they are always a month behind.  We have our last kids activity on September 5th, that's four Saturdays away, so I suspect if I don't get the earliest bus, 9:15, I will meet the brats spending folks money.  It is possible the rain will keep them indoors.



carolincairns said...

Have you turned the tile on to receive your weather updates? It us a live tile. If you right click on it you will see in the properties to turn on/off. I think that might be where you can set the location too. Good Luck. Just set the location to Cairns.

Lee said...

What a convoluted way to get your meter read! I'd be seeing red if it happened like that here! I never hear or see the meter man...the meter box is outside somewhere on the fence along the way between my cabin and my landlords' home.

An apt app would be apt.

You were informed it would be "mostly sunny"...I understand that to mean that it would be mostly sunny most of the time with periods where it wasn't mostly sunny, so it was mostly correct, wasn't it?

Fold your clothes carefully and put them under your mattress to save on all your time wasted on ironing. Ironing is a waste of time.

Lady Di Tn said...

I have not even mastered Windows eight so what is this Windows ten about? I have not gotten any updates from Microsoft to install said ten either.. The public schools are back in session in TN but the Private ones have a week or so before they go back. It is hard to keep up since I no longer have a child in school. I usually dawns on me when the local rag has inserts saying "back to school sales". I try to avoid making any appts. at the times the schools are opening and closing as the traffic becomes a nightmare. We will have a run off election for mayor as neither person got 50% of the vote. Whoever wins will have mass transit as the biggest headache to address. Hope your trip is successful. Peace

Kay G. said...

"In spite of the women using them"...why, one would think you don't like women! You should go shopping with me, I hate to shop and when I have to buy clothes try to get it over as quickly as possible.

carolincairns said...

Lady Di ~ you may not have automatic updates turned on which is why you may not have revived any notification from Microsoft. If you want to update, you can go to the Microsoft website and get the update yourself. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with staying with WIN8 until you are ready to cross that bridge. WIN10 is supposed to be better than WIN8, restoring some of the look and feel of WIN7.

Adullamite said...

Carol, The thing is set right,it just changes slowly. I note Cairns has warm weather today, a bit muggy like us I suspect. However that is winter there!

Lee, Most meters are outside these days, old houses usually are not. Some computerised ones send the details to the cheating overpriced crooks directly, but I have yet to obtain one of those.

Lady, On the taskbar at the bottom, to the right hand side, there may be a white window appearing. If so click that and see if it contains details re Win 10. It has it's problems but is better than Win 8.

Kay, Can you do mine for me?

Carol, Ah yes auto update, I forgot.

carolincairns said...

No humidity in Winter Adullaman.