Saturday, 15 August 2015

A Wedding Today

One of our attractive and intelligent young ladies got herself married to her Knight in Shining Armour today.  I mean Knight as he turned up at the museum one day on a horse, wearing armour, with a Paige to accompany him, got down on one knee and proposed!  At first she thought it was someone trying to sell their services to the museum but eventually understood who it was when he removed the helmet, just as well she said 'Yes.'
So today, in front of a supportive crowd, they became man and wife with all the full palaver of an Anglican wedding service.

Bridesmaids abounded, women scrubbed up well, men in suits, even I had a bath!  Two people didn't recognise me!  The hymns were mumbled, the prayers followed, the address was short and the people stood outside for ever as the photographers, at some cost, made the video and took pictures.  

As you can see all were entranced by the proceedings, their eyes constantly on the bride.  On the left sat the brides side, mostly the grooms on the right.  As she arrived as one the woman looked at the dress and murmured, the men murmured also but differently.  One side wondered what she saw in him, the other how he got his hands on her.  All wondered how dad was going to pay for this lot! 

This is a proper Low Anglican church, evangelical and a wee bit middle class.  It has stood here for around 800 years and who knows how many are buried in the grounds?  It is thought the Saxons ans even the Romans buried folks around here so the archaeologists of the future will have a great time digging in this hill.

Some began to find time dragging, we were twenty minutes late when we actually began as the photographers fussed around outside.  Some began to look for alternative enjoyments.

Soon my women and I tumbled out to greet the happy couple one by one, this took some time!  Then more pictures were took and almost everyone had a camera or fancy phone to picture the individual groupings lined up, even us lot were in one alongside the happy couple, in spite of him saying " OI! Keep away from her you" just because he knows me.

 Having arrived in style, the happy couple departed in style.

Drawn by two white horses.

As we speak they are now dancing the night away at an expensive wedding venue, although the happy couple may well be on their way to the honeymoon of their dreams.  I suspect Honolulu, Guam and Skegness have been considered for this but where they go I know not.  I asked about the reception but was told they already have a drunken uncle, from 'his' side, a lecher, from 'his' side, two or three for the fight, from 'his' side and as there appeared no opening for me I came home to listen to the football results and burn my dinner.

How unusual to attend a wedding!  I have not been at one for around 25 years now and there used to be one a month at one time.  As always it is interesting to note how people behave, to recognise those who doubt the worth of the bride or groom, the one scared to be in a church, those who meet the family only at such events, and to watch how Englishmen, and these were almost all Englishmen, behave.  This lot behaved well, the couple are happy, the couple are popular and everyone appeared content to be here today. 
I enjoyed my day as the lass was happy and I am glad for her.  All will be well here.


carolincairns said...

How lovely for you to attend a wedding. Wedding and christening so are signs of hope. They look very happy.

Lee said...

Weddings don't thrill me much. I've never understood the expense some go to. I catered for many when I was in the cooking game and I never ceased to be amazed at the length some went to. An expensive wedding day does not a marriage make...but each to their own, I guess. It was just never my desire to have all that fuss and fancy ado for myself. I notice the bride perfected the royal wave for her special day. :)

But that you enjoyed yourself is what is important. Who knows...your burned dinner might have been better than that served at the reception! And at least you didn't have to sit next to a maiden aunt who talked your ear off all night!

Kay G. said...

Oh, I love this post! Love the photos that you have shown us here, makes me think I was there! You kind of make fun of the fact that you attended a wedding in an Anglican church, but being Episopalian myself, I would love to go to one over there.
And are you in the photo that you show us of the group, are you trying to hide behind someone else? That is what I try to do! LOL

the fly in the web said...

So that's why you were looking for a jacket....and then we don't even get a photograph of you in your finery.
Good luck and long life to the happy couple.

Adullamite said...

Carol, They are indeed very happy.

Lee, This was her day and she enjoyed it. An only daughter and they made the most for her. The 'royal wave' was ordered by the crowd. You do this sitting in a Brougham.

Kay, I never go into photos unless forced.

Fly, Indeed this was a reason to rush the jacket but it was needed anyway. Unfortunate the polis might be looking in so I avoid pictures. Your greetings will help them.