Wednesday, 26 August 2015


We have in this country a thing called 'rain.'  Not all nations have it, we do.  Recently a series of weather 'Lows' have circled around the nation dropping water all over the place.  Normally we say this would please the farmers however it fails in this as they wish to harvest their crops and the rain hinders this.  Combine harvesters catching fire also hinders as one found out last week.  Today we stood at the window wondering whether we could reach Tesco without drowning, bread and milk was urgently required and some of us wondered if we would eat tonight!  The rain came down in monsoon impersonations for a long time.  I knew it would not last and I was of course wrong!  As you note we were inside and had no reason to rush out but closing time came near and hunger was beginning to call.
Programmes have appeared on radio wondering what is wrong with the weather.  Is it climate change, could global warming have moved the 'Jet stream?'  People shake their heads and wonder.  So do I.  A few years ago my mother, then about 90, grumbled about the weather, I mentioned that it had been like this for the 90 years she had lived and wondered if she had not noticed.  We had to laugh as it always rains in July and August, it is the British Isles after all.
It is possible that the weather is worse than before, only weather men with the facts can say, and the intensity of the weather is greater than before but this could be a passing phase.  Today a report of a house damaged by a mini cyclone, roofs blown off flats elsewhere and off course the rain.  Maybe it is indeed changing, maybe indeed it will get worse worldwide, maybe after all Jesus is returning soon and this is a mere forerunner of worse to come.  That is worth considering as well as checking the Met office reports. 


Lee said...

Weather is weather whether we call it something else or not!

And don't go accosting the first fellow with a beard you pass in the street!

the fly in the web said...

Our abnormal spell of hot dry weather has been caused, says our local Met Office, by sand from the Sahara which has been carried across the Atlantic....I shall expect to see a beach in front of the house tomorrow morning...

Mo said...

It's depressing when Siberia is dryer and warmer

Adullamite said...

Lee, I don't care what it's called I just don;t want the rain when I am trying to get into Tesco!

Fly, A while ago I saw a picture of this taken from space. Large clouds of sand were indeed heading your way.

Mo, Yes maybe, but Siberia is a bit chillier in winter.