Monday, 17 August 2015

Daily Trials...

The problem about having a busy week is the Monday afterwards there is so much to put right around the house.  For a start I had to run up the road for bread at half seven this morning (the term 'run' is not to be taken seriously) then I had to eat, find my head, decide on the plan of action and begin the day slowly.

First there was study to get the day going.  This I now decide is not a good idea when half asleep and crumbs from breakfast litter the laptop!  Someone said the morning is the best tim to think, they I assure you were not getting into bed at eleven at night and waking up at five in the morning to listen to the Shipping Forecast!

As I attempted to cogitate i also did the washing.  Note how I call it 'washing!'  This is unusual as these days I have picked up the English way of calling this 'laundry.'  Scots always refer to the 'washing.'  What is the difference, none at all as these days Mr Zanussi does it very well, especially when I remember to put that liquid stuff in.  

After this I also hoovered the floor and cleaned the Loo!  Those wire scrubbers come in usefull at a time like this, I suppose I should do that more often...  There again i would not like to get washday hands would I?

As I did so I took advantage to read some of the books piled up in there and it was then that I realised it was her birthday.  My great niece is 18 tomorrow, eighteen, my great niece!  18!
It was bad enough her Mum becoming fifty but she is now 18!
At this point I sat on the floor and wet silently as my life passed me by.
Then to make matters worse, if it could be worse, there was no card suitable.  I had to trail out into the great outdoors and search for a cheap card suitable, naturally there was none available so I had to choose something and paid the vast amount of gold coins required.  I also went into the women's clothes shop where a man worked the desk.  Normally I get the girls vouchers for Xmas in here as this pleases the older ones who then feel young and displeases the younger who see mum in their fashion!  The man was not such a man as I thought, his purplish long nails I thought made working the computerised till difficult, he was however efficient, pleasant and helpful which is of course not what I had been finding in the big towns last week.  So armed with my card, my gift card and my debt I returned home and posted off the black envelope.

Much of the rest of the day has been researching people.  The boss is trying to find a relative of someone who donated stuff years back so it can be returned or whatever and we have a contact address but from the eighties!  We have been doing our detective work very badly and going round in circles.  I must Google 'How to find people' and see what I can learn.  The family appear to be still alive, there are as yet no death notices around, I just hope they have not emigrated.

Then all that remained was to prepare for the morrow.  Gathering everything bar intellect in one place helps me remember what to take with me.  I often forget to pick it up mind, but age does that. 

Ah then there was lunchtime! 

Now most of the day is like me, done!  It is time to watch football, any football, from anywhere, featuring anybody, good bad or indifferent, just let's relax and do nothing for a while. 



Lee said...

I'm doing the washing at the moment...I just loaded up my washing machine...not my "laundry" machine. Mostly I used the word "washing" for when refer to doing my washing. That's what I grew up with..."laundry" was the "shed" or room where the washing was done.

When I was a kid...we didn't have a washing machine. We had the old copper up in the backyard...outdoors...with the fire stoked and burning away beneath it. A set of three washing tubs were situated in a concrete-based, open-fronted shed.

That looks like it;s a good hearty, earthy Aussie red, Mr. can't beat a good red...but you can drink it! :)

the fly in the web said...

I thought that the laundry was the place in which you did your washing....lacking a collective 'steamie' that is.

Do you think it possible that once the item had been donated the family took a deep breath and legged it to avoid having it returned to them?

carolincairns said...

I am so intrigued by the Australian wine you drink ~ which is not for sale here in Australia. I fear Tesco's marketing strategy has worked on you. Who knows where the wine has really been sourced from ~ just whack an Aussie label on it and they will buy it. But I trust that you enjoy it and it is an affordable and palatable drop to drink, so that is all that matters. Don't let me ruin all your fun.

Adullamite said...

Lee, My mum spent most of her life washing by hand, indeed often I did likewise. It's a hard life.

Fly, The family may well have 'legged it.' however we must follow procedure.

Carol, £3:85 a bottle makes it worthwhile. South Eastern Australia is awash with good cheap wine.