Saturday, 22 August 2015

Saturday Meandering

What a brilliant sunshine day today.  Naturally I stayed inside, I don't want this to become a habit or I might start enjoying life.  It has been a restful few days, I only went into the museum for half an hour on Friday, I came out two hours later, these women do talk, but it was less busy than I expected.
For some strange reason having had almost no books to read a few days ago I appear to be finding them everywhere, I landed two in the museum, and there appears to be a growing pile in, er, well several places.  Three by my bed, a couple here, a few in the loo, and several on the shelf waiting patiently.  Funny how few in the family read anything but a tabloid paper.  They have the brains, why do they waste their lives like this?  

As you are asking yes the Heart of Midlothian still top the league.  A win against Partick Thistle today by a mere three goals to nil was the least we would expect.  I listened on the Hearts radio but it is not as good as seeing pictures.  Indeed the Hearts radio output has never been good since Donaldson left to make money in far of USA.  In those days the three men worked well together, it was like being with your mates at the game.  Today the commentator does his job, Jimmy Sandison also but there is no 'spark' no humour, no life to it.  This is a shame as it would be good if the element of enjoyment of sharing the game with mates returned.
Still we are top of the league and doing OK all things considered.

I'm annoyed.  Indeed I am somewhat peeved.  The media are showing video clips of an aircraft crash at an airshow.  A Hawker Hunter jet, once the best in the world, attempted a loop the loop and the pilot misjudged his angles or had a problem on the way down.  The plane crashed into the ground near a roadway and several are believed dead. 
That in itself does not irk me, such tragedy's do occur though rarely at UK airshows these days.  The problem is the video taken at the time is shown complete until the moment the aircraft hits the ground then the picture 'stutters' and restarts moments after the crash.  Why?  Are we not supposed to see the plane hit the earth?  Is this a legal thing?  Could it be considering the victims on the ground?  I wonder.  It appeared to me to be yet another of those 'nanny' like things which bedevil society today.
There are warnings on almost every packet saying 'This could contain nuts,' things that get heated warn 'This could be hot' and signs everywhere say 'Mind the step' or 'Slippery when wet.'  What happened to common sense?  
I agree some situations warrant a warning sign but most are posted just because daft folks sue simply to make money, the majority are not required.  I doubt hindering the death of an airplane requires a two second blurring of an accident.  Good grief I came into this world just after a war, fifty million died yet nobody held up a warning notice. Would it have helped to erect one on the Polish border? 'War making can be dangerous, contact your solicitor.'  Plane travel is safer than any other form of transport these days but in the fifties accidents, even at airshows, were common.  Why have we become so namby pamby these days?  
It is time for a return fo some 'stiff upper lip' and some 'common sense.'



carolincairns said...

Seven dead according to the morning news here. Air shows ~ there seems to always be accidents at air shows if you ask me. It has become the thing to ride your bikes without helmets here ~ do you remember when bike riding came without a warning sign?

Lee said...

I bought a jar of peanut paste the other day (not an uncommon purchase for me to do...I do it often...every time I run out of peanut paste, actually), but I was amused and bemused to find, in large print, on the label - "This product contains peanuts"! Who woulda thunk it???

Lee said...

Addendum....I've just seen footage of the plane crash, too...and scenes of the Hawker hitting the ground and exploding are shown in our news bulletins. Perhaps in respect to the families and spectators who witnessed the crash is the reason it's not being shown up your way.

Maybe all the signs are needed because commonsense is a rarity with so many folk these days (too many)...and litigation is a modern day pastime!

KB said...

I have so many books, I have no idea how I will ever read them all:)

the fly in the web said...

I've made a start on sorting out our far I've not come across one that I haven't read but my husband makes pounces with cries of 'how did this get hidden away: I haven't read it!'

So that's him occupied for the next month or so...

One of the things I like about Costa Rica is that the culture assumes that you don't need notices warning you of everything under the sun....though having said that I saw one when buying a loaf this morning. In the tea room section of the bakery was one saying
Prohibido! Escenas amorosas.
Yes, that's what you thought it means.

In a bakery? What are they putting in the buns?

Steve said...

Yes, I noticed the jump-cut on the BBC news here too. Too protect our sensibilities? A strange ambition to have when reporting the news these days.

Mike Smith said...

There have been a few changes behind the scenes at Hearts. Not all of them for the better...

Kay G. said...

I wonder if they don't cut out those bits because they might be thinking of the families of those who have died. Why should the world see their loved ones killed? I am with the BBC on this one.

Adullamite said...

Carol, It is the thing to ride bikes with helmets, though I am not sure what use they are. I don't use one.

Lee, That's the thing, to stop folks suing them!

Lee, So many pictures available yet the video here is altered, plain daft.

KB, Share them with us and we will read them for you! :)

Fly, Can I have one of those buns...?

Steve, Indeed, possibly to protect the relatives, but so many pictures in media this morning anyway.

Mike, I thought all was good, they have not sacked you have they?

Kay, You just like to argue!!!