Thursday, 27 August 2015

Laptop Tribulations

In an attempt to remove needless items on the laptop I searched through everything and removed those I thought no longer required.  This pleased me and helped the laptop breathe again.  
Yesterday I opened up a strange item on the desktop, it was a dead 'Word' item!  
Fool that I was I had deleted all the 'Office' items (an aged office at that) and now nothing worked.
All my museum stuff is on Word and now all was dead!
After a search I found the old disc and after a struggle (why are these things so difficult?) I reinstalled all I needed and now it works.  Relief ran through me and next time I will be a wee but more careful.

An item in the ever trustworthy and reliable (sarcasm eh?) 'Daily Mail' tells us that women are getting fat because they are not doing enough housework.  Clearly this university study has been money well spent as a look around the streets shows this to be the case.  To many devices making a women's life easy, once the work is done there is not enough work that requires exercise for a woman, all this sitting around gossiping and coffee drinking has got to stop.
I have found a way to enable any volunteer among you to quickly lose two stone, come clean my place and do the ironing!  That should make you lose weight.




the fly in the web said...

That explains my extra kilos!

I so enjoyed the last sharing it with my Costa Rican friends....

Lee said...

I've been tearing my hair out all day. I had to go out and purchase a wig!

My internet connection has been dropping in and out all day. I wish it would make up its mind and just stay in! I tried to lock the door behind it, but that didn't work!

After many conversations with people in Timbuktu or Machu Picchu with accents difficult to decipher things perhaps have sorted themselves out (I'm typing this very quietly...whispering it, because I don't want to alert it to the fact the internet is, at present, in the "in" mode.

It's been so frustrating!!! Arrrgggghhhhh!

Adullamite said...

Fly, I liked the last one, it speaks volumes.

Lee, I wonder what causes that? You machine, the connection? Since installing Win 10 mine keeps switching off the wifi connection, a problem that occasionally occurred before. It is somewhat irksome!