Monday, 3 August 2015


Having mentioned the successful download of Windows 10 naturally enough I happily spent some time trying to work out what had gone wrong and what had been fine and dandy.  While doing this connection with the world was lost, wi-fi ceased, this however returned within a minute indicating this was one of the BT people mucking about with the lines somewhere I bet.  It is not the first time this has occurred.  
Later I went to switch the beast off, this on Win 10 means clicking the 'Start' button and closing down.  It did not work.  Nothing moved.  Hmmmm.  I right clicked and there was the opportunity to shut down, this I did.  
Later I attempted to open up and this appeared:-

Sign out it said, so I did, several times and back in again to see if it worked.
It didn't.
I opened the other laptop that does not work right, indeed never has.  Some bad boy got in there and I am not sure he has completely gone yet.  I download Spy-bot and anti Malware and they say the file in corrupted!  Hmmm.
Anyway I have managed to get him sort of working, Windows Live Mail went on OK today so some of it works, but the bad boy may still be there.  While playing with him and searching for a variety of good advice re Win 10, "open start button" they say but it will not open!!!  I searched around and this was a common fault in the early beta modules.  
I tried again and LO!  Win 10 began to update, and then updated again, and now appears to work properly.   Hmmm, how long before the next update doctor....?

Actually I find the screen size a wee bit bigger, I adjusted it and went back to default as it suits my eyes, but it still is not quite right to me.

Windows Media Player however did not bring over the music I had on there.  I cannot say about videos as I had downloaded or dumped all mine the other day to make space, none were worth keeping.  On my music folder however the music there has come over.  I had some radio programmes and they have disappeared (or I may have forgotten I downloaded them) and I wonder if copyright is involved here?

Oh and to make everything seem better Selfridges have opened the Christmas store!

7:40 the brutes doing it again!
The start will not start so I canny shut down.  If I do I canny get back in.
One suggestion was on offer online, but it invles entering that I like item on the keyboard.  A straight up and down line sharing the key with two other things I never use.  I canny get this to work! Grrrr!
I'm not happy.


carolincairns said...

Sounds like all your Christmases have already come at once with your Win10 upgrade, Adullaman?

the fly in the web said...

Look, not only have Selfridges opened their Christmas store but my mother, just coming up to her 99th birthday has turned her mind to planning her party for her 100th..starting with a list of those banned. I foresee an 'interesting' year ahead while she works out the whys and wherefores of it all...where...whom...what... Skype will be red hot.

Mike Smith said...

You're not happy - but you hide it well...

Lee said...

Grrrrrr... I wouldn't be happy, either....not at all. I think my upgrading might even be further away. I look forward to your next informative chapter. It will be, I hope, a much lighter, more positive one that tells of a positive result!

Hang in there, Mr. Ad-Man. :)

Kay G. said...

Selfridges has opened their Christmas store? Good, I look forward to seeing what you will buy for me. HA HA

Adullamite said...

Carol, Get yourself over here and fix it woman!!!

Fly, I hope the party is not at Christmas! Am I among the banned?

Mike, It doesn't do to let the feelings be known.

Lee, It worked this morning OK, but I would wait a wee while.

Kay, Give me a list of wants....

the fly in the web said...

I think she's forgotten about Christmas - for the moment. If I had any input you'd be guest of honour.....
Currently she's wondering how many she can put off by holding the thing at the house in Spain....and if the local Spanish bakes does birthday cakes to avoid taking one on the 'plane with her...

Adullamite said...

Fly, I'm sure the Spanish do cakes, candles even! Have it at home and invite all those she doesn't!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Okay, if I had of started with this post, I would have known who Brutus is in the one to come next. So, you do still have the Windows Media Player with Windows 10? What I read yesterday led me to believe that it would not with 10, but a couple of the free alternatives sounded very promising with them having the same capabilities as a DVR when working with a computer that has a TV tuner card installed. I am now thinking that it would be better to go with the plain VLC player and checking it out before making the switch.

It looks like I am going to have to leave the house to go get a new pair of glasses before doing much of anything, though. I think I have had this prescription for around six years, and everything is a blur without being magnified to at least 150%.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Windows Media Player is with Win 10.
However none of the CDs I had put on there came over with it.
On my 'Music' folder the music there did however come over fine.
In fact I am wondering if Win 10 has in fact taken my discs and placed them in their 'music' folder along with others already there??
I don't think I had any videos left to bring over but there are none now.

I think downloading all you wish to keep before changing is a must if they are important.

You also need glasses! I said, you need glasses!
I should have said that louder so you could read it!