Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday Sabbatical

Being trapped indoors by an attack of couldn'tbebotheredness I spent much time looking at this screen.  Having taken words of wisdom from those technically minded amongst us - and Soub - I went ahead with the Windows 10 upgrade.  This took a wee bit off time but appears to have gone through quite well.  Most things have been found and one or two items are a wee bit strange but we will get through.  It has been thought out better than 8.1 and is somewhat reminiscent of XP in my confused mind.  I am not sure why but I think it will work.  One or two quibbles but I will grumble about them later, not that I ever do of course...
Of course, I wait patiently for the updates to follow...

Win 10 worked well enough for me to watch the Championship flag being raised after our promotion last season and then enjoy a thrilling encounter as we trounced an excellent St Johnstone side 4-3.
How wonderful to know that now football is back and we look good enough to be at least mid table.
I compared this game to the Dundee United v Aberdeen game that followed and was surprised by the mediocre performances on view. Tsk!  We can take both if they keep playing like that!

This Lord Sewell fellow, the one from the House of Lords who was caught sniffing coke from a tarts breast, shoving vodka down and discussing the folks around him, then paying for it from his Lords allowances, have you wondered why he was caught?
I realise some tart could have thought there was money in this, but I don't see this as the reason.  The House of Lords, as indeed the House of Commons, is full of prostitute users. kiddie fiddlers, wife/husband beaters, tax dodgers, liars, drunks and the like, so why was this one targeted?
These guys all know who the dubious are, they know the perverts, they can hand them all in if they wish to so why does this one alone get caught?
What does he know, who has he upset that a man unknown to the world should be dumped on this way.  Or am I just a conspiracy theorist perhaps?

Anyway, I'm sick of laptops now but canny put this one down.  I had better take it to bed...



the fly in the web said...

I just wonder whom he upset in the Murdoch empire...or what said empire thought he might say next so got their retaliation in first.

Lee said...

That's good to know re Windows 10, Adullamite. I'll be keen to learn more as you become more familiar with it. From all accounts that I've heard and read about it so is much, much better than 8.1...but then, again, from what I've gathered, it wouldn't take much to be better than 8.1.

In time, I will upgrade.

the fly in the web said...

Very alarming details of the attacks on privacy involved with Windows 10...first page of today's A.M. Costa Rica. I put it up on Facebook.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Did your Windows Media Player from before remain intact or did it get swept away in the change? This is one of the things I am anxious to know about since we have lots of video and music files on our hard drives, and I am not looking forward to having to install another player. Being able to just download the latest Windows Media Player directly from Microsoft and install again would work for me, though.

Adullamite said...

Fly, My thoughts exactly. No-one knew of him till now and there are many others. Ted Heath is now under accusation.

Lee, Wise woman, as I will relate.

Fly, Yes I read that. I knew this before and limited the interference. However whatever you do online Scotland Yard, the FBI and the Chinese know all about it anyway.

Jerry, No music came over on WMP! I have been unable to look for it or video as the fault arose which I relate today.