Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tired & Weary I Give up...

The sun shone again, I noticed it when I went for the sausages and veg.
I ate a bacon sandwich.
This wore me out so I returned to bed.
I then ate sausages and mashed sweet potatoes.
I then fell asleep.
I then ate chicken nuggets.
I am now falling asleep.
Nothing else has been done.
My weekend is so glamorous.
Tomorrow it will rain.


Let's catch a train... 


Lee said...

Oh No! No! Not the nuggets, not the bed
Can't you do something else instead
First it was sausages and mashed veg
Were not they enough to keep you fed
Then to top it off with a bacon sandwich
Indulgences enough to make you languish
No wonder the indigestion made you weep
Before climbing into bed to go to sleep
For the rest of the weekend do abstain
And enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain

carol in cairns said...

I say again ~ oh dear. Green Veg!

the fly in the web said...

I am saving the termini for tomorrow afternoon....when I can give them my full attention.
This evening seems to be dedicated to scraping the kernels from corn cobs, making chicken consomme, removing the marble pestle from the jaws of one of the pups and listening to a re run of Round the Horne...and wondering however they got away with it!

Adullamite said...

Lee, Brilliant!
You are a poet
And we didn't know it.

Carol, I bought a cabbage. There is a family resemblance.

Fly, How did they get away with it? I never understood that.

Unknown said...

Well, at least you are taking good care of your gut.

carol in cairns said...

Family resemblance to whom?
Great poem Lee!

Adullamite said...

Jerry, That's not what the nurse said...

Carol, See today's post.