Sunday, 5 July 2015


Sunday draws to a close and I am glad.
I could not get out this morning as typical July weather let it pour with rain and offering me nothing but a soaking.  Yesterday I left my overheating laptop to wander outside and began to burn after thirty minutes in the sunshine, today I would suffer rust!  Aussies don't know how lucky they are.
I took the Thrush picture yesterday after cycling around for half an hour to give my muscles a chance to ache, they took that chance very well.  I walked across the park in a vain attempt to loosen up and all that was loosened was my brain cells.  Later after rewriting (again) my latest volume I went out to get the sun.  The birds had gone by that time, hiding under the leaves in the trees I suspect.
I did get out this evening again on the bike.  Trundling, late to avoid people laughing, up the road to see how unfit I was.  The effort yesterday and tonight has done wonders, for the undertaker who smiled knowingly at me as I passed at least.

A quick glance at the media shows the Greeks have given a rude gesture to the European money men, that shortly George Osborne will give a lot of help to his rich friends in his next budget, that the benefit scroungers that are the royals have unbiblically christened yet another child, and that meaningless activities such as wimmens football and tennis are given far too much room.  Nothing of importance is found there these days.
I do note however that lots of good pictures of steam trains have been posted on facebook, that the Forth Bridge has been made a Unesco world heritage site, the sixth in Scotland, and that the football season has not yet started.

When I have finished the rewriting I might find something worth writing about, right?  



the fly in the web said...

Super photographs!

Delighted that the Greeks did what their new government should have done from the start and said 'No.'.

carolincairns said...

We are having a horrible Winter in the Far North Adullaman ~ it has been cold and overcast for a week now, rainy for weeks before that. It is not supposed to be like this. Is there someone I can write to about this ~ to get my money back?

Lee said...

From now on don't trust any Greek bearing gifts...he'll probably ask you to pay for them!

It's been lovely and sunny here on the hill. I did a few loads of laundry today. It's still out on the clothes line...tomorrow is another tomorrow always is.

Love your photos, Mr. Ad-Man. :)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Was he the early bird?

Adullamite said...

Fly, Pics OK. What will happen to the Greeks now?

Carol, How sad, I feel your pain. I suggest writing to the local member of parliament and indicating his lack of action here. It will not change things but really annoy him!

Lee, Take Carol in quick, she is drowning!

Jerry, Boo Hiss!