Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Now I'm Not One to Complain, but...

The weather is miserable, dank and dreich!  Drizzle swept from the skies as I sauntered across the park seeking fresh air, I found dampness.  The thrush stood head in the air listening for worms grovelling below while sprinkles of water bounced off her beak.  She glared at me as if it were my fault and I hastened into Sainburys for the bread. 
As I approached the lass at the checkout one of those cheery helpful recorded announcements was made.  This happily informed us of a bargain somewhere in the store and continued lying to us in a cheery voice.  I indicated to the girl that a slap was what he really required and she agreed. She claimed he only came in to do announcements then ran for home while they dealt with the throng of people for the rest of the day, most grumbling about the so called bargain he had just announced. Early in the day we do not require cheery happy people, unless we are burning them at the stake!

Having made it home through the drizzle I have been sitting here staring at the laptop rewriting the draft.  It is still rubbish in my view.  Better than it was but not good enough, it just does not flow.  She who must be obeyed wants this tomorrow, it is funny how tomorrow is approaching much faster than it used to.  Having taken a break to eat and do the laundry, it is July after all, I now sit here stuffed full of bad chicken and worse chips.  It was all I could be bothered with.  My diet is not liking this either.  

Returning from the shops this morning I came through the dingle dell like area where the humidity, the dank leaves and the bad tempered Blackbird upset because I was stopping him have breakfast all gave a taste of a tropical jungle.  The trees were wet with rain, leaves dripped water on me, unless it was that Blackbird, and breathing the air was a delight.  Whether I would like this for hours at a time 
in a real jungle I am not sure but it was an interesting change from normal dankness.

Now I must return to 1943, or is it 42?  This war is dragging on and the casualty rate is rising.  Indeed it is 1942, I got ahead of myself.  I did this with one house which I bombed two years too early.  I suppose I ought to apologise to the deceased.  At least we are not alone now, the Soviets and Yanks have joined in.  The Russians will fight the Germans and the Yanks will fight anyone who tries to stop them stealing our wimmen!  "Got any gum chum?" and that's not the kids asking is it!


Jenny Woolf said...

When I saw the top picture I thought it was beautiful with the blue flowers. If it was the jungle, it would be warmer, though, admittedly.

Lee said...

This is especially for you, Mr. Ad-Man.....spin the disc and sing/talk along with Carson Robison.

I'll be shooting off to the supermarket shortly and I might just pick up a hot barbecue chicken while there now that you brought up the subject of chicken.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, The picture distorts the light somewhat but it was good to be there, and the real jungle would be hotter.

Lee, Wonderful!

the fly in the web said...

Looked very like here in the rainy're taking some beautiful photographs.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I hope it's warmer there.