Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Kids Stuff Began Today

This was my morning!  A stampede of kids and mums all at one time!  I lost count at three or four thousand.  They had come for the first holiday activity, gardening, and spent the day enjoying themselves in the somewhat cold outside today.  I just had to book them in, all by myself, which entailed checking the records, booking them for further activities, giving name tags, answering phones, dealing with strangers questions and all at one time.  The others were doing a variety of other things looking for help from me!  
The kids, all seven thousand off them, behaved well, except when I did my headmaster grumble at two wee neds aged about ten throwing things about, and they went home happy with their pots of herbs or salad or other things to grow at home.  Naturally the paperwork went wrong and as I tried to sort it out in between showing kids the toilets, answering phone calls, booking folks in and dealing with yet more queries, I never got it right, even with help!
And my chocolate fell on the floor.
That was my lunch!
I ate it.
Finishing time arrived before I had finished my breakfast tea.  I was so busy I did not notice the time pass by.  So much was done, by me, and no doubt so much will have to be put right, by them, and then I have to do it all over again on Thursday covering for the sick.
It is amazing how quickly a well organised desk descends into farce!  It's a good thing the mums understand and play a good part here.  This fills the kids time, saves them worry, and many disappear to shops or cafe while it goes on.  It's so good most have come back from last year.    

Other queries included a man researching his house.  He has done wonders in finding out so much about previous owners, including the one who frequented the courts for not paying for things, and was stuck regarding individuals who he thought we might have info on.  Naturally I was interested but passed the buck to the boss who has the info hidden deep in the bowels of the computer system.  Looking back into who lived in the house is very interesting, daft some folks think but when you begin to look amazing facts ans coincidences arise.  The man who began a museum here in the 30's lived there at one point so that was interesting.  

I wandered into Tesco for bread afterwards and found it full of people, many with kids.  Outside the lower orders of adolescents were gathered hanging around waiting on something, a wash perhaps, and I felt sorry for the staff as masses of folks will pass through and around the store for weeks.  This reminds me to shop early when all this lot are still akip.

I will return to my bed several times tomorrow I have decided....  


Lee said...

Just stay in bed right from the start...no point in getting out and then back in again...then out and back in again on and on until the sun sets. Just stay there....put together a care package before you go to bed...fill up a flask of hot tea or coffee, whatever one you prefer (or a bottle of Glenmorangie or Glenfiddich - or both) ...and you'll be right to stay; except for the odd trot to the bathroom when Nature demands. Damn Nature! It's almost as bad as those pesky kids!

the fly in the web said...

Do you remember the television series Rawhide? Where the cowboys were exhorted not to try to understand the cattle but just to 'rope and roll and brand them'?
Could be an idea for the next holiday session...

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I will trade my mother-in-law for your herd of kids. Methinks you will want them back, soon enough.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Super idea. Can you come and make my dinner for me?

Fly, Laugh! Wonderful idea! I will put it to use tomorrow!

Jerry, er, ....let me think about that....