Saturday, 4 July 2015

British Taste in Food & the US.

One of our attractive young ladies wondered if indeed Curry was Britain's favourite food.  To my knowledge this was the case however I did a quick look around and found a surprising result. 
According to the 'About Food' website whoever they are, they investigated a survey in the best things about Britain and listed the ten most popular foods.  These were:-

 The Top 10 Foods and Drinks

    Bacon sandwiches
    Roast dinners
    A Cup of Tea
    Fish and Chips
    Yorkshire Pudding
    Full English Breakfast
    Cornish pasties
    Strawberries and cream
    Teatime Treat, Crumpets

However according to PAPA The Pizza, Pasta  & Italian Food Association their research indicates that PIZZA is the most popular foodstuff.  No1 in most restaurants, No2 in supermarkets and No 4 in takeaways. Hmmm.  Britons spending over £4 billion on Pizza each year.  By the way did you know we are one of the fattest nations in the world ?

Now I didn't notice any date on those two but over at Pocket Cultures a 2009 item offered their top ten favourite foods, with pictures!   They were honest enough to indicate that UK versions of foreign foods have little in common with foreign food found in foreign countries.

Top Ten:-

Spag Bol 
Roast Beef dinner
Chili Corne Carne
Sheperds Pie
Meat/fish Stir Fry
Beef Casserole
Macaroni Cheese
Toad in the Hole
Beef/Fish/veg Curry

Hmmm recently  The Daily Mail, that august representative of all that is good honest journalism ("snigger") tells of a survey done by 'Discover Cornwall Food & Drink Guide,' Cornwall being the county down in the south west of Englandshire.
They offer a top forty, and Fish & Chips, popular in seaside towns, comes first.  No curry, lasagne or the like seen in this UK tourist survey, hmmm...

Top Forty

1. Fish and chips
2. Roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding
3. Full English breakfast
4. Bacon butties
5. Apple crumble
6. Strawberries and cream
7. Bangers and mash
8. Cream tea
9. Shepherd's pie
10. Crumpets
11. Ham, egg and chips
12. Sausage rolls
13. Cornish ice cream
14. Baked beans
15. Victoria sponge
16. Toad in the hole
17. Sticky toffee pudding and custard
18. Cornish pasty
19. Steak and kidney pie
20. Pork pie
21. Bakewell tart
22. Ploughman’s lunch
23. Chips and gravy
24. Rhubarb and custard
25. Scampi
26. Prawn cocktail
27. Mushy peas
28. Marmite
29. Cheese and pickle on crackers
30. Scotch eggs
31. Cornish fudge
32. Spotted Dick
33. Irish stew and dumplings
34. Chelsea buns
35. Eccles cakes
36. Pea and ham soup
37. Cucumber sandwiches
38. Haggis and tatties
39. Cockles and mussels
40. Jellied eels

The blatantly racist 'She Knows' in 2013 offers a list of 'England's' favourite foods yet calls itself 'She knows UK!'  Imperialism dies hard.

Top Ten:-

Fish & Chips
Chinese Stir Fry
Chicken Tikka Masalla
Spag Bol
Thai Green Curry
Roast Dinner
Bangers & Mash
Sweet & Sour Chicken 
Shepherds Pie

It soon becomes clear that some surveys find what they wish to find, and others find that foreign muck of various sorts is now part and parcel of the British diet.  Takeaways used by well of rich people, not that I am jealous in any way just because the 'Balti Night' is probably the best curry house in the world, rich people by Fish & Chips, Curry, Chinese, Pizza and Kebabs from takeaways more than any other foodstuff.  Not that any other come to mind as Burgers are not really food are they?  What do Britons eat, anything and far too much thereof the greedy fat gits! 

Oh this is interesting, this site is intended to help foreign students understand Britain and this lists the typical British foodstuffs.  very instructive and less biased than others.  Kaplan

Rejoice! Rejoice!  Today the Free World celebrates the loss of the American Colonies.  Where once England thought it owned North America just like it thinks it owns Scotland the US broke free and became a mixed up nation all by itself.  However the people walked away from imprisonment to an uncaring Westminster and we can all learn from this.
May the good Americans enjoy the day and may the English immigrants avoid saying what they think even though it is very tempting!  


Lady Di Tn said...

Mr A
I do not know if the founding Fathers of our Nation would be very proud of recent events. Hopefully we will strive to be more in tune with our Constitution in the future. (The five Supreme Court Justices who swore to uphold our Constitution instead of making PC laws should hang their heads in shame) Anyway, we plan to watch Nashville's fireworks from our upper porch without the noise. Suppose to be the biggest in the nation. Watch on TV the USA men beat Guatumala 4-0 last evening. The girls play Japan Sunday. Your kind of football. Sorry my fingers run amuck. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

BTW I am sorry I missed your Burpday. A roof top celebration for a sixty something guy. I sure hope you do not catch up with Ms Kitty Justice and I refuse to be called OLD, Peace

carolincairns said...

You have been very thorough in your research Adullaman ~ and not a curry in sight!

the fly in the web said...

I liked the Kaplan site.....

I can make most of the 'most liked' dishes - including haggis - but when visiting mother make sure that I visit a chippy for good fish and chips. The one in Southampton does not do haddock, unfortunately, but has excellent cod.

Why don't these lists include Marmite....

I am restraining my self on the subject of 4th July....

Lee said...

That's very interesting! Great to see the good old fish & chips haven't let us down!

I was just on the phone talking with a very good friend of mine in's her birthday tomorrow, (we've known each other since I was four...and she was five and half years older...I am no longer four...and she is still five and a half years older than I am). In other words we've been best mates for a long, long, long time! We grew up across the street from each other.

She told me she's taking herself away for the day, to the coast - to Noosa...she's going to pick up a feed of fish & chips, and then go and sit on the beach, by herself, to enjoy the ocean and her peaceful solitude. :) I reckon a couple of seagulls most likely will seek her out!

That, to me, sounds like a perfect way to spend a birthday.

Adullamite said...

Lady, I hope you had a good evening.

Lady, I'm off the roof now, it started raining!

Carol, I expect you to try each and every dish!

Fly, Haddock is overpriced and rare in England, it always has been. Cod is all on offer.
Marmite and the 4th of July go together....

Lee, As long as there is any fish left they will reign.
I wish I was at the coast.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Such a cheeky lad, with yooor haggis and shortbread.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, A real good feed that!