Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lion Low...?

Cecil the lion has been killed by an American and produced an avalanche of internet outrage, and no wonder.  The nature of hose people who think killing an animal is worth doing is despicable.  While I agree that animals can be farmed, culled and controlled the hunger to kill them just because they exist reflects on human nature.  Those who dress in funny clothes to ride horses behind a pack of hungry hounds chasing a fox until it is ripped to shreds in my view are similar to this American dentist who chose to shoot a popular lion with a bow and arrow, they are vermin!  Not only did this man use a bow and arrow he did so badly, the animal did not die and suffered for 40 hours before being killed by a bullet.
Human nature is barbaric.  All too often we think we are quite good with a few bad bits, human nature however, as the press shows us, is actually very bad with a few good bits!  This bad bit leaks out continually though for the most part we keep it down.  Any police station will reveal something of the depth of depravity within human nature and it is no wonder policemen tend to become hardened and often quite devious themselves.  We like to abuse others, we like to be top dog, we can excuse this for one reason or another yet that nastiness lies within us all.
One example of this is the internet anger, righteous anger in this instance, in that those who read the story have turned on the dentist responsible, so much so his office is under police guard and he is in hiding.  Before the internet the story would produce anger and a few letters to the press today we can all make our opinions known quickly, possibly too quickly, and venom leaks out easily.  On occasion this venom produce violent actions and this can be dangerous for all involved.
The dentist and his African guides cannot avoid their guilt.  This was a barbarous act with no sense and for which there was no need bar blood lust!  Those who kill animals do so because they are unable to kill humans, as that can lead to jail.  They would kill easily if a war gave them the excuse however, and would be non to fussed if they hit the wrong people.  
One thing is interesting here  seven million children have been murdered by abortion in this country since 1967, often for the serious reason that they have minor fault or possibly are merely female.  Seven million dumped down the drain for no good reason but we fuss about a lion!
Shome mishtake shurely?



Unknown said...

The thought of trophy hunting makes me sick. Now, I have nothing against mounting a kill as song as the meat is consumed, but to kill something just to have something to brag about is beyond barbaric. If our Heavenly Father would let me have my way, that American dentist and all like him would be stuffed and put in dark closets.

Lee said...

Palmer is a weak, poor excuse of a human being! He's a disgusting, despicable mongrel. Palmer and those like him sicken me. I hope he gets his just desserts. The coward has now gone in hiding.

This is such a sad and horrible story...

Lady Di Tn said...

You said it very well. Being a Southern Christian who happen to have hunted when young makes me sad to see an animal killed for a trophy or the bodies of Elephants whose tusk have been cut off or a rhino without its horn. Man is the worse of the Animal Kingdom case in point all the abortion done. Trophy hunter could be put to good use by sending them to fight ISIS. Nuf said Peace ole boy.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, I'm with you here.

Lee, Sad & cruel but it still goes on.

Lady, Send them to fight ISIS, great idea.

Kay G. said...

There should be outrage over this. I don't understand trophy killing. Oh wait, I do...those who kill such beautiful creatures for pleasure are sick in the head.
As a child, I didn't like seeing deer heads on the wall. I still don't.