Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sick of it Already

I had a close shave today.  Passing though town happily clutching the two books I purchased for ten pence each from a charity shop I was approached by a man in a suit.  This is always worrying.  He handed me the leaflet above and proudly boasted this man was in attendance in town today!  
I think I was supposed to be impressed.
You see the UK is having an election.  One of those events that stirs up so much apathy amongst those who have seen it all before or have felt themselves left out no matter which bunch of lying expense fiddlers takes office.  There is indeed a feeling that this government, opposition and other hangers on are indeed far from the people, an emotion I have sympathy with.  
The reason is simple, we are wealthy! 
Now I realise we have millions on low pay, a million unemployed (and I know how much suffering that causes) many on 'zero hours contracts,' and an abundance of 'food banks' offering emergency handouts to those in desperate need.  I am aware of the difficulties of many in this world, the gaps in the 'welfare state' and the abuse many make of this.  I realise that there are a great many on limited incomes working as carers for family members (£66 a week I think they get) and this removed if they make money elsewhere.  I am aware of all these things just as I am aware our present Prime Minister informed us "This is a rich country" when  explaining he could do something about the floods in Oxfordshire, near his constituency!  The failure to do anything for those suffering greater floods in the south west was not mentioned at the time.
We are indeed wealthy but the government, an unelected coalition thrown together to enable the Conservative Party to run the roost five years ago, the government has decided on years of 'austerity' instead of following the US manner of escaping the great worldwide recession, 'spend the way out.'  The Yanks avoided 'austerity' and kept going well enough, we saw millions dumped on the street, indeed many lost homes, a bedroom tax on some of the weakest and a dreadful mismanagement of the welfare system in which those most in need were losing out.
All the while the banks continued to pay excessive bonuses, Vodafone, Starbucks & Google made millions by avoiding paying any tax, and MP's voted themselves an eleven per cent pay increase. And men such as this from all parties rented out the flats in London paid for by the nation near the House of Commons to others while claiming expenses of thousands of pounds for hotel accommodation.  In short the rich have got richer while the rest suffer.  Today the Conservative papers tell us business leaders are afraid of the Labour Parties ideas, no wonder, they have had huge increases while the workers have not!

On top of the usual rhetoric (that is a Greek word which today means 'Lies') we now have a different situation at this election.  It is possible you may have noticed the referendum last year in which Scotland was asked to vote on Independence from the imperialist English.  This would mean Scotland becoming totally independent and leaving the UK to sink into it's own morass.  However the Westminster government, the opposition and all in London got together to lie through the media to the Scots people and forced a rejection of this fine idea on Scotland.  Promises and vows were made, the day afterwards they were instantly broken!
Now however the reaction to the treatment of Scotland from these broken vows has led to an upsurge in support for the Scottish national Party (SNP).  It is now expected that instead of a handful of seats in the Westminster House of Commons the SNP may have up to FIFTY members there!  
Add to this the closeness of the debate in England with the Conservatives under David Cameron the unwanted leader struggling to gain support and with a dying Liberal Democrat Party (the other member of the coalition) the fear is that the SNP and Labour might win a majority in the House.  If so it is likely they will work together to improve the UK by changing the world by seeking an equilibrium of wealth. The rich paying more tax hurts the Conservative media, caring for the poor and ensuring a fairer welfare state upsets those who wish to keep what they have no matter how others suffer.  
Worse still is the racist attitudes that abound in the 'Daily Mail' and 'Daily Telegraph.'  Both these papers are screaming that it is wrong for a democratically elected party like the SNP to govern England!  These being the very people happy for unelected Conservatives to govern Scotland! 
Even US politics is not so absurd as this!
One Scottish MP who helped construct the Scottish parliament announced that 'We structured it in a way that would stop the SNP gaining control."  However the people gave the SNP control of the Scottish parliament with a massive majority, now these same people are afraid it will happen in London.
I look forward to the seats filled with cheering SNP men demanding Independence in the face of the imperialists who stopped it by lies once before!

In my own constituency we have a new man whatever happens the previous MP standing down after being caught waggling his willie over the internet to pretty girls.  This above is the man most likely to win this seat, the previous man had an 18,000 majority, and I suspect he will have a good win also. However the feeble Labour support will come out I suppose, the Lib-Dem will probably lose his deposit, as will the Independent and the Green candidate will get a handful of votes. However the biggest danger to this man is the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) The 'Tea Party of England!    
This is a collection of individuals, mostly xenophobic Englishmen, who consider the nation to be overrun with foreigners, that England, sorry Britain, should leave the European Union and stand alone and be great again as in times past. Fair to say most of their support comes from the districts with less immigrants than anywhere else and that these people are always happy to have a curry at the weekend.
Many of these candidates and their supporters are one time members of the Conservative Party who disagreed with Cameron's approach, especially lumping same-sex marriage unwelcome on the nation. Some it is clear are so far to the right and make Margaret Thatcher appear Communist but most are decent enough folk who long for a past that never existed.  It is true to say the world they grew up in has long gone, although it would have changed anyway with or without immigrants, and the PC approach calling them 'racist' because they questioned immigration treated them with a great deal of disrespect and has led to many far right groups, mostly thugs, walking the streets.  A fair and balanced approach never occurred and the 'Daily Mail' and others have encouraged anger by lurid headlines, sometimes based on facts and always slanted to what the reader wished to see.
A balanced approach has not been heard in public at any time.

At the last election I was embarrassed to vote for any of them, but we MUST vote, and looking at this motley lot lined up so far I am going to be embarrassed again.  If only the 'Official Monster Raving Loony Party, ' or maybe the 'Church of the Militant Elvis party' were standing, I would certainly vote for one of these! 

I avoided speaking to this erstwhile candidate today, asking him how much he hoped to make on expenses might have sounded rude.  Asking why he keeps his present councillor job (at a good rate) for a year would be a question he already has a lie lined up for and may end up with the conversation descending into farce as his heavies shoved me away.
I just came home and looked at my books, twentypence for two slightly damaged books is good.   



Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Do your ballots allow for write-ins? If so, maybe William Wallace could receive a few more.

Mike Smith said...

Why don't you stand for Parliament, Mr H? I would vote for you!

the fly in the web said...

If I were the SNP I'd look for a few English constituencies with a Scottish descent demographic and put up a candidate there...
I don't know if Corby still cherishes its Scottish connection...

Lee said...

'Tis not my place to comment...not on your politics.

I shall heed what advice was given in days of old when I was young...not to discuss politics, religion or sex over the dinner table whilst in the company of others...and I shall pretend I'm sitting at the dinner table in the company of others. :)

What happens when we move to the lounge room is another matter....

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Some people have already tried that one.

Mr S, The Monster Raving Loony's are not standing here this time but I would have stood for them.

Lee, lets go into the lounge...

Adullamite said...

Fly, Corby is full of Glasgow overspill who came down for the steel works. That has long gone.