Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Mixed Bag

With the arrival of temporary sunshine I took the opportunity to visit the cemetery and upgrade the fotos on the war memorials.  The newly cut grass gave off a sweet fragrance as I walked across the wide expanse looking for my friends who have lain here so long.  I had permission to do this from the various bodies concerned.  I am happy that I managed to find most but not so happy that the one perfect picture of a colourful robin sitting atop a stone was missed! Typical!
My knees now ache as the exercise, which I need, is much harder than when I was a boy.  It appears almost impossible to get rid of the aches from the muscles after exercise, no wonder folks don't do it. Anyway I walked there and back and stuffed my face afterwards with fattening stuff.  This may have been the wrong option.
Nothing else happened.  The election fills the papers, interrupted only by gunmen in various places, and with no football till the weekend I have had to fill the spare time reading Tacitus.  His history may not be quite as we would write today but gives an interesting insight into Rome in the first century.  A while back I looked at the emperors for the first 300 years and only about seven or eight actually died normally in their beds, the rest died by poison, sword or pillows over the head.  The Emperor had amazing powers and few considered changing his role into a more democratic one, it appeared he could kill anyone just because he said so.  This certainly was Caligula and Nero's way and the rest made use of their position to remove troublemakers.  Hmmm maybe this is worth returning to, if I am emperor of course.   
Life in Roman times were very rough.  It is difficult to understand how such life could be endured yet we see similar around us much of the time.  ISIS appear keen on a similar style, without the pretend civilisation and empire, and occasionally it rears its head elsewhere, North Korea perhaps. A strong ruler could dictate a decent society, better than ours perhaps but in the end he dies and who knows what kind of man will take over.  In the end a free society means people have to be free to choose, that as the Ashers bakery in Northern Ireland and the Evangelical Preacher in the south coast have discovered does not exist.  They have both been browbeaten for party gain and by the courts at that!  
We need to use our freedom such as it is as it may not last much longer.  Who knows what mess lies ahead and the after effect of the next election will be structurally changing for this nation.  Other events will soon occur to make us worry.  Life is never what we wish it to be.  I would be perfectly happy with a small cottage with a sea view spending my days watching the sun go down as I feed the birdies and with constant sunshine on tap.  I am easily pleased.



the fly in the web said...

There's a line in the Germania where Cerealis is addressed by the German leader who tells him
'You have made a desolation and call it peace'...sounds like the achievement of the current bunch of politicians...

Lee said...

Where the hell are you? I've been sitting here in the lounge waiting for hours and hours and hours! I can't go outside because it's raining heavily...and has been doing so, almost non-stop since last night!!!

Quote: "I would be perfectly happy with a small cottage with a sea view spending my days watching the sun go down as I feed the birdies and with constant sunshine on tap. I am easily pleased." End Quote

That would suit me just fine, too, Mr. Ad-Man. You can have that one over there...and I'll have this one here where I can watch the sun rise over the ocean; and it set over the mountains. :)

Carol said...

Happy Easter Adullaman

Lee said...

Yes, I too hope you have a Happy Easter, Mr. Ad-Man. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

I hear you about not what we wish but then I have heard to be careful for what you wish for evening if it is such a cozy scene you have painted with words. Have a wonderful Easter weekend and as for me I will stay home as I cannot stand to be a Holiday Christian. If you do not come to Church the rest of the year why show up on Holidays? For your knees, try the old remedy of soaking golden raisins in gin. Pour the gin over the raisins to cover them and let them sit overnight. Daily take one teaspoon full and it will help. No Joke. Peace

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Alas, is not our freedom more akin to having enough rope to hang ourselves?

Adullamite said...

Fly, Very observant. Interesting that Tacitus put those words in there, what was he saying I wonder...?

Lee, I think I'd like your cottage.

Carol, You are so sweet.

Lee, You are sweet too.

Lady, Gin soaked raisins, a pint please!

Jerry, Indeed many have offered me rope for that very purpose.