Monday, 27 April 2015


Right, I am off to the seaside for a couple of days.  I have the promise of rain, wind, clouds, cold, rain and cold rain and more rain while there.  I told you it was Spring!   Back wet, cold, sick and there is a possibility I may be a wee bit grumpy, late on Thursday.
Don't break anything while I am gone.



carol in cairns said...

Seriously? How wonderful for you Adullaman to get a mini break. Forget about the weather ~ just enjoy yourself!

Lee said...

My God! Wonders will never cease!!

Don't forget your "budgie smugglers"...oh...and your bucket, spade and colourful beach towel - and a hat!

And don't forget to "slip, slap, slop!" (Translation...don't forget your sunscreen! You never might need it)!

You won't be never are! I've never heard you complain. (I've read your words of complaint...but I've never heard them)!

Enjoy! :)

Adullamite said...

Dear ladies thank you for your thoughts, well most of them....