Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Several Thoughts

Several things crossed my mind today.  One was the incredible level of stupidity that I can show.  On visiting Sainsburys expensive supermarket yesterday I noted one or two regular items much reduced. This I thought cannot be missed so today I returned for them the intention being to use the 'reward' savings to pay for them.  Rewards that used to be worth a penny and are now worth a halfpenny to aid the greedy supermarkets profits.  I decided to get one or two other things with milk being urgently required.   Not only did I forget the milk, one of the other things I noted on special but I also managed to pay for them before I realised I wished to make use of the rewards, which would have covered most of the cost!  
I went elsewhere for the milk later.

I noticed a story that irked me somewhat this morning.  A young lass was killed by a speeding driver high on drugs.  This happens often and the usual result is a dead person, male or female, young or old, and a devastated family and hurt friends.  The usual result is a six or seven year sentence, with early release usually half way through, and a return to the free world.  Commit a financial crime you will be giving a longer sentence! It irks me that the death of an individual means so little today.  One senior judge a while ago claimed murder should result in no more than a ten year sentence!  The NHS has killed seven million children in abortions, old folks are left to die in many hospitals, care homes with overworked badly paid staff failing to do the job, human life appears to be worthless today.  Will the new government of whatever sort make any difference?  No!

The election desperation from the Conservatives is revealed with a return to Thatcherism stupidity.  How do you help the housing shortage?  You allow people in Council   Housing Association homes!  What a stupid idea and this is supposedly aimed at getting working class votes.  Another of the 'toffs 'treating the lower orders as second class serfs!  Sell off the houses and there will be plenty for everyone - at least there will be after those buying them get chucked out for failing to find the cash to pay the mortgage.  
I canny bring myself to comment on the blatant racism that they offer in suggesting Scots MP's would be barred from voting on tax deals in England even if they affect Scotland.  More pandering to racists.



Lee said...

Don't get me started on judges, magistrates and their lenient sentences; their raps over the knuckles and "on your way, laddie!" mentality and actions! You will regret it if you do so!

I think you understand my meaning, though.

Mike Smith said...

Thankfully, the right to buy a council or housing association home won't apply in Scotland.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I recall seeing/hearing something about a fairly large source of oil being discovered in your area recently. How big of a piece of that pie will you be getting?

Of course, the oil strike might have been another Richard Branson April Fools' joke. Did you hear what he did to us? If you didn't, he announced several weeks ago that him being a direct relative of the namesake of our Branson, Missouri had been confirmed, and that He would be opening a large hub for his Virgin Atlantic airline there. Branson, MO is just 45 miles to the south of us here in Springfield, and the news was all over our local coverage. Helping to dispel any skepticism was the mayor of Branson being in a video with Sir Richard about the big plans he was making for the area.

No, none of it was true, and high hopes were crushed in an area in desperate need of good jobs. Oh, and I should have said "former mayor" before. For when it came out that it was all an April Fools' joke, she lost her bid for reelection. Is there a way to remove Sir Richard from being in a position to cause anymore harm?

Adullamite said...

Lee, From under the bed I understand you....

Mike, Very good!

Jerry, Some are claiming oil lies in the south where the rich live. The rich do not want it drilled as it upsets them! Near Bournemouth some oil has been drilled for 30 years almost, well hidden from sight and many do not know of it;s existence.
As for the saintly Mr Brainson you can keep him in Missouri if you wish. We don't want him!